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This article is about Interviu. For the futsal club, see Inter FS.
Categories Magazine
Frequency Weekly
Publisher Grupo Zeta
Year founded 1 May 1976; 38 years ago (1976-05-01)
Country Spain
Language Spanish
Website Official website

Interviú (a Spanish Anglicism for "interview") is a Spanish magazine.

History and profile[edit]

Interviú was established by a group led by Antonio Asensio in May 1976.[1][2] The magazine is published by Grupo Zeta[3] that is famous for publishing semi-nude and nude photographs[2] of the rich and famous, sometimes using paparazzi photoshoots or posed pictorials (in this last case, normally women). It also publishes articles on political and economic scandals, and features opinion pieces by famous writers.

The circulation of the magazine was about 1 million copies in 1978.[2] It reached three million copies in 1979.[4] It was 94,461 copies in 2008.[2]

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