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Dr. Intisar-Ul-Haque (20th Oct, 1935 - 4 August 1996) M.A. (Punjab), Honours (London University), Ph. D. (Edinburgh). Retired as Professor and Chairman Department of Philosophy University of Peshawar Holder of Post-doctoral Alexander von Humboldt Senior Fellowship, Germany, 1974–76, Senior Fulbright Fellowship, 1984-85.

The first student from Pakistan to do his Ph.D in Analytical Philosophy and Logic from Edinburgh in 1966.[citation needed]

Dr. Intisar-Ul-Haq was serving as the Chairman and Professor at the Philosophy department of the University of Peshawar. He served the University for over 3 decades. He remained very active in research on analytical philosophy.[1] He was a fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation[2] of Germany.

Early life[edit]

Dr. Intisar-Ul-Haque was born in Oct 1935. He got his Master's degree from Lahore and did his B.A honours from University of London in 1961. He later went to the University of Edinburgh where he completed his Ph.D in Analytical Philosophy. He joined Peshawar University and continued to teach there till his death.


Dr. Intisar-ul-Haque, former head of the department of Peshawar University, wrote several books and articles on Philosophy and Logic. His books "Philosophy of Religion"[3] and "Logical paradoxes" attracted international reviews. His writings on technical topics as logical paradoxes, theory of perception and philosophy of logic are still used in Postgraduate level in the country. He also has 40 articles published in international journals of repute to his credit. Dr. Intisar was the member of the curriculum committee of the UGC where he influenced the development of curricula in area of logic and philosophy. He was responsible for establishing teaching of analytical philosophy and logic in the country through Pakistan Philosophical Congress of which he was the serving Vice President at the time of his death.[citation needed]

Dr. Intisar-ul-Haque represented Pakistan at an international conference in Thailand of UNESCO. He remained affiliated with the University of Massachusetts as a senior Fulbright Fellow. He was chosen as the Alexander Humboldt Fellow of the prestigious Humboldt Foundation of Germany. He also had the privilege of working with some of the famous 20th century philosophers such as A.J Eyer and PF Strawson. He remained in contact with American logician Irving M. Copi for guidance.[citation needed] Dr. Intisar's prime areas of interest included Logic, Philosophy of Logic and Analytical Philosophy. [1] [4]

Dr.Intisar-ul-Haque had command over English, Arabic, German and Persian languages. He was compiling an English-Arabic-German dictionary which he had completed up to the alphabet 'M' at the time of his death.[citation needed]

He is also listed among 'Famous Kakazai of Pakistan'