Into White

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"Into White"
Song by Cat Stevens from the album Tea for the Tillerman
Released November 23, 1970
Length 3:24
Label Island Records
A&M Records (USA)
Writer Cat Stevens
Producer Paul Samwell-Smith
Tea for the Tillerman track listing
  1. "Where Do the Children Play?"
  2. "Hard Headed Woman"
  3. "Wild World"
  4. "Sad Lisa"
  5. "Miles from Nowhere"
  6. "But I Might Die Tonight"
  7. "Longer Boats"
  8. "Into White"
  9. "On the Road to Find Out"
  10. "Father and Son"
  11. "Tea for the Tillerman"

"Into White" is a song written and recorded by Cat Stevens. It was released on his 1970 album Tea for the Tillerman and was covered in 1971, in Italian, by Mia Martini (with the title "Nel rosa "- "Into Pink "-, from the album "Oltre la collina" - "Over the hill") and in 2007 by Carly Simon.

Many feel the song is a description of transcendence. The first verse has an organically built house - the body. The second verse is a celebration of all that is outside - the sky, and beautiful and peaceful flora and fauna. The third verse is of conflict and impending violence drawn against the innocent. The last verse takes us back to the organic body - but omits this line," Tables of paper wood, windows of light". These are the parts of the body that reason and observe. He needs them no more. Every verse ends with the returning to oneness of an "Emptying into White".

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