Intrinsic muscles of external ear

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Intrinsic muscles of external ear
The muscles of the auricula
Gray's p.1035
Nerve Facial nerve
Actions Undeveloped in humans
Anatomical terms of muscle

The intrinsic muscles of the external ear are the:

  • The helicis major is a narrow vertical band situated upon the anterior margin of the helix. It arises below, from the spina helicis, and is inserted into the anterior border of the helix, just where it is about to curve backward.
  • The tragicus is a short, flattened vertical band on the lateral surface of the tragus.
  • The transverse muscle is placed on the cranial surface of the pinna. It consists of scattered fibers, partly tendinous and partly muscular, extending from the eminentia conchae to the prominence corresponding with the scapha.
  • The oblique muscle also on the cranial surface, consists of a few fibers extending from the upper and back part of the concha to the convexity immediately above it.

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  • Auricular or external muscles of external ear


This article incorporates text from a public domain edition of Gray's Anatomy.