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On the left, a man with long white hair and dog ears is depicted wearing a red kimono. On the right, the series logo is written in three large, red kanji inscribed in circles. Next to the man is a young female with dark eyes and hair and is wearing traditional clothing.
Cover art of the complete series released by Aniplex, featuring InuYasha and Kagome Higurashi

The episodes of the Japanese anime series InuYasha Kanketsu-Hen (The Final Act) are based on the last 21 volumes of the manga series of the same title by Rumiko Takahashi, continuing where the first adaptation left off. The series follows the half-demon InuYasha, the junior high school student Kagome Higurashi and their companions Miroku, Sango, Shippo and Kirara as they search for the final fragments of the shattered Sacred Shikon Jewel and approach their final battle with Naraku. Viz Media licensed the series as InuYasha: The Final Act. It was released in Animax Asia and Animax India. The original staff and cast from the first Inuyasha anime adaptation were brought back together for the new series. The series premiered on Yomiuri TV on October 3, 2009 where it ran for twenty-six episodes, concluding on March 29, 2010.

Viz Media licensed the new adaptation before it premiered and aired its English subtitled version online through Hulu, releasing episodes within a day of their original Japanese air dates. As of April 14, the entire series remains available for free on Hulu in the United States.[1] As of episode 14, the English episode aired first.[1][2] Animax Asia aired the series with their own English subtitles, on its television stations and its online video service.[3]

Voice actress Kelly Sheridan was the first to announce through her Facebook fan page on May 11, 2010 that work on the English dub for The Final Act had begun.[4] However, many of the cast were laid off: Moneca Stori was replaced from her role of Kagome Higurashi by Kira Tozer, David Kaye was replaced as Sesshomaru by Michael Daingerfield (though this could possibly be explained by his evergrowing work in LA since 2007), Pam Hyatt was replaced as Kaede by Linda Barlow, and Danny McKinnon was replaced as Kohaku by Aidan Drummond (which, ironically, Danny had originally taken over from Alex Doduk). Kirby Morrow, the voice of Miroku said on VoicePrint with Trevor Devall and guests that Michael Daingerfield was able to mimic David Kaye near perfectly.[5] On December 17, 2010, Paul Dobson announced on a podcast episode of VoicePrint with Trevor Devall and guests that he would be going back to the Ocean Group studio for his final recording session of InuYasha: The Final Act on December 23, 2010.[6] Viz Media released InuYasha: The Final Act set 1 on Blu-ray and DVD on November 20, 2012 and set 2 was released February 12.[1][7]

The English dub, InuYasha: The Final Act, began broadcasting in the United States and Canada on Viz Media's online network, Neon Alley, on October 2, 2012.[8] On October 24, 2014, Adult Swim announced that InuYasha: The Final Act will air on the Toonami programming block beginning Saturday, November 15, 2014.[9] Previously, On March 1, 2014, Adult Swim announced they lost the broadcast rights to the original InuYasha series.[10][11]

Four pieces of theme music were used, one opening and three endings. "Kimi ga Inai Mirai" by Do As Infinity was the opening theme song for the series, used throughout the series.[12] "With You" by AAA was the first ending from episode one to nine.[12] The second ending was "Diamond" by Alan from episode ten to seventeen.[13] The third and final ending theme was "Tōi Michi no Saki de" (遠い道の先で?, "The Long Road Ahead") by Ai Takekawa from episode eighteen to twenty-six.[14]

Episode listing[edit]

Ep# Title Japanese airdate English sub airdate English dub airdate
1 "Naraku's Heart"
"Naraku no Shinzō" (奈落の心臓) 
October 3, 2009[15] October 4, 2009[1] October 2, 2012[16]
Hakudoshi persuades Kagura to release Goryomaru from imprisonment in exchange for her freedom from Naraku. However, they're not strong enough to usurp Naraku yet; they need jewel shards, and there are only four left not in Naraku's possession. Hakudoshi attacks Kagome, stealing her shard while Moryomaru, who seems to be acting on his own, attacks Koga for his shards but fails to take them. Kagura, in the meantime, attacks Kohaku, promising a quick death in exchange for his shard. Moved by his determination to kill Naraku, Kagura destroys Kohaku's crystal of demonic energy and sends him away on one of her feathers. Hakudoshi, seeing that Kagura has betrayed him as well, attacks her just as Inuyasha's group arrives. Goryomaru does as well, revealing himself to be Moryomaru; he was Goryomaru's demonic arm, and ate him from the inside out. Hakudoshi gives Kagome's shard to Moryomaru, sending him after Kohaku. Naraku, having watched his incarnations' plot unfold from Kanna's mirror, disables Hakudoshi's barrier and withdraws the Saimyosho. Left without any form of defense, Hakudoshi is sucked into the Wind Tunnel. Kagura reveals the Infant which contains Naraku's own heart is inside Moryomaru; his destruction means Naraku's death. Knowing her heart could be crushed anytime now, Kagura flees for her life. InuYasha promises Kagura they'll get her heart back and urges her to stay alive until then. Sango goes after Kohaku before the others. She is knocked out by Moryomaru and defended by her brother, after which she learns he's regained his memory. Since the cat's out of the bag, about him housing the Infant, Moryomaru flees to grow stronger. Kohaku has a tearful reunion with Sango. Elsewhere, Kikyo has started to become weaker, to the point of her barrier not being able to keep novice monks away. 
2 "Kagura's Wind"
"Kagura no Kaze" (神楽の風) 
October 10, 2009[15] October 11, 2009[1] October 12, 2012
Having been saved by InuYasha and his friends, Kagura tries to escape Naraku, but he impedes her efforts to flee. Mockingly seeming surprised by Hakudoshi's death, Naraku talks about how much Kagura wishes to be free of him; he offers to return her heart. Meanwhile, Kikyo continues to weaken due to Naraku's miasma eating away at her from within, and summons the soul of Midoriko to restore her powers. She explains to InuYasha that in order to destroy Naraku, his soul must be purified, and to do that the Shikon Jewel must be completed and purified with Naraku the moment he absorbs it. Elsewhere, Moryomaru eats a turtle demon named Meioju, gaining its armor. Koga completes a series of trials to obtain the Goraishi, a treasure of his clan. He succeeds and gains the weapon and protection of the spirits of his ancestors that will keep Midoriko's will from freezing his legs in place, but only once. While Sesshomaru battles Moryomaru, Naraku returns Kagura's heart, then immediately impales her on his tendrils, injecting her with miasma and leaving her on the brink of death. She manages to escape on a feather, landing in a meadow filled with flowers, where she listens to her newly-returned heart beating inside her chest. Smelling Kagura's blood, Sesshomaru quickly finishes his battle, shattering his sword, Tokijin, in the process. He finds Kagura in the flower field just as she dies, happy to see him one last time. Her body dissolves into dust and her feather hairpin floats away on the wind, signifying that she is now free. InuYasha and his friends arrive too late, and when InuYasha asks Sesshomaru if Kagura had suffered, Sesshomaru replied, "She was smiling." They all watch as Kagura's feather flies into the sky. Kagura's spirit is heard saying "I am the wind, the free wind." 
3 "Meido Zangetsuha"
"Meidō Zangetsuha" (冥道残月破) 
October 17, 2009[15] October 18, 2009[1] October 19, 2012
Totosai approaches Sesshomaru and tells him that he can now reforge the Tenseiga into an offensive weapon since Sesshomaru's heart now has what it's lacking, proven by his concern for Kagura when he stayed with her as she died. InuYasha's group find the "Demon Inn", where fox demons play tricks on others to try to advance in demon rank. As some of the fox demons disguise themselves as beautiful women, Miroku has no problems with being "tricked," much to Sango's discontent. After accidentally entering the test, Shippo plays tricks on InuYasha, who clobbers him. Shippo retreats into the forest where he meets a girl named Mujina whose sword can absorb the demonic energy of InuYasha's Tetsusaiga; she says she's collecting demonic energy to strengthen her blade to avenge her father. She uses the energy to attack Inuyasha, but the sword proves flawed and breaks. A punch from InuYasha reveals Mujina to be a fat raccoon demon in disguise, angering Shippo. InuYasha examines the broken blade, curious about a blade that can absorb demonic energy. Meanwhile, Sesshomaru learns the Meido Zangetsuha technique, which cuts a small path to the netherworld and sends one's opponent there directly, needing time before it can become a full circle; at present it can only send a crescent portion of an enemy to the Underworld. Having gained a powerful offensive technique to replace Tokijin, Sesshomaru decides that he will be the one to decide whether or not Kagura died in vain. In the present, Kagome's grandfather tells her that the Shikon Jewel can only be erased from the world if one makes the only correct wish; however, their conversation deviated from her worries about passing junior high. 
4 "Dragon-Scaled Tetsusaiga"
"Ryūrin no Tetsusaiga" (竜鱗の鉄砕牙) 
October 24, 2009[15] October 25, 2009[1] October 26, 2012
InuYasha's group rescues a swordsmith named Toshu from the demon Ryujin, who is angered that Toshu has not completed crafting Dakki, a sword designed to absorb demonic energy. When Ryujin is injured by the Backlash Wave, Toshu stabs him with Dakki, taking Ryujin's demonic power to complete the blade. He then faces off with InuYasha to steal Tetsusaiga's demonic energy. As Dakki steals Tetsusaiga's power, it slowly begins turning Toshu into a demon, but Toshu refuses to let go of Dakki until Tetsusaiga has been completely drained of demonic energy. However, the demonic energy proves too powerful for Dakki, resulting in it killing Toshu by sending all the damage it's received from Tetsusaiga into Toshu's body. Dakki breaks, allowing Tetsusaiga to suck up its powers, giving it the ability to absorb demonic energy. Meanwhile, Naraku's latest incarnation, Byakuya of the Dreams, has ordered a young wolf demon to bring him Koga's shards in exchange for his younger brother, Shinta. The youth brings Koga to Byakuya, who proceeds to send Shinta away with a moth demon. Moryomaru catches it and almost absorbs Shinta. However, while Shinta is rescued, Moryomaru gets the older brother's shard. Inuyasha's arrival with his new Dragon-scaled Tetsusaiga forces Moroyomarau to flee. However, Moryomaru manages to absorb InuYasha's Adamant Spears, gaining a stronger offence. Adding to the bad news, Tetsusaiga backfires, wounding InuYasha and leaving him bewildered as to the cause of Tetsusaiga's behavior. Byakuya reports back to Naraku about Tetsusaiga's new power, and Naraku ponders who will be destroyed first by this new Tetsusaiga, Moryomaru or InuYasha. 
5 "The Great Holy Demon Spirit’s Test"
"Yōrei Taisei no Shiren" (妖霊大聖の試練) 
October 31, 2009[15] November 1, 2009[1] November 2, 2012
Kohaku, willing to give up his shard if it means killing Naraku, joins Kikyo while Koga leaves Ginta and Hokaku behind because of the increasing danger. Because he is having trouble mastering the Dragon-scaled Tetsusaiga, Inuyasha goes to Tototsai for advice; Totosai sends InuYasha to see an acquaintance, the demon hermit Yorei-Taisei. InuYasha heads to the hermit's home to train, only to find that Yorei-Taisei is missing his organs, the source of his power, and all the villagers have been turned into the form of demons. The thief used Yorei-Taisei's magic to do this so it wouldn't have trouble blending in; it can't move while absorbing the power of the organs. Tetsusaiga is wrapped in heavy chains by the hermit, only allowing InuYasha to draw it when facing the organ thief. InuYasha faces a serpent demon who claims to be the culprit, but finds she isn't the one. At the same time, Miroku, Sango, Shippo and Kirara are sent away by a mysterious force when they try helping InuYasha. Back at the hermit's home, InuYasha faces an ox demon, who also claims to be the culprit. However, Inuyasha uses his nose to locate demonic energy manifesting around the demon in the form of a vortex; seeing Yorei-Taisei's, InuYasha cuts it, clearing the hermit's test. Yourei Taisei congratulates InuYasha, but keeps quiet about another, final, technique Tetsusaiga has yet to discover. Meanwhile, Moryomaru devours the twin demons Kinka and Ginka, obtaining their incredibly powerful demonic abilities that strengthen his armor. Sesshomaru attempts to use the Meido Zangetsuha to send some of Moryomaru to the Underworld, but Byakuya of the Dreams interferes on Naraku's orders. A four-sided battle is soon to begin. 
6 "The End of Moryomaru"
"Mōryōmaru no Saigo" (魍魎丸の最期) 
November 7, 2009[15] November 8, 2009[1] November 9, 2012
Naraku revives and absorbs a demonic tree that can penetrate barriers. InuYasha, and friends attempt to confront him, but Naraku flees without a fight. Kikyo and Kohaku pursue the rest of the nearly completed Shikon Jewel, and meet Koga for the first time. Moryomaru bursts from the mountain, close to them, but strangely chooses to ignore the presence of more jewel shards. As InuYasha's gang arrives at the mountain, Moryomaru meets Naraku with the end result being a miasma so powerful, it kills everything in the immediate area. Naraku and Moryomaru taunt each other before beginning their battle. However, it's a stalemate thanks to Naraku's "immortality" and Moryomaru's armor. In a shocking twist, Moryomaru eats Naraku and gains his shikon jewel shards. Moryomaru captures Koga, but finds that his powers haven't been enhanced by the jewel's magic. To the Infant's surprise and horror, Naraku had tricked him into having Moryomarau swallow him; in order to get through his armor. Using the demon tree's tendrils, Naraku captures his heart and destroys Moryomaru, keeping Koga captive. Koga sees the Infant inside the diamond spike and attacks it, freeing himself and leaving Naraku open for a death-blow. Kikyo wants to use Kohaku's shard to attack Naraku. To protect him and save Sango from the grief of losing her brother, Miroku attacks Naraku with his Wind Tunnel instead, and refuses to close it despite his friends pleas. The miasma causes Miroku to bleed from his eyes and mouth as he is able to make the Infant lose grip of the Fuyoheki and suck it in. InuYasha forces Miroku to close the Wind Tunnel and Naraku taunts him for it, remarking that Miroku almost sucked in his heart and warning InuYasha that he'll regret stopping Miroku, even if it his death at the cost of the monk's. Severely poisoned, Miroku is near death, and Kikyo states that even her great abilities of purification cannot entirely heal him. 
7 "The Mausoleum of Mount Azusa"
"Azusayama no Reibyō" (梓山の霊廟) 
November 14, 2009[15] November 15, 2009[1] November 16, 2012
Koga joins InuYasha's group, but becomes annoyed when he is advised to leave his shard and go, just like Kikyo had told him. Kikyo is able to partially heal Miroku by pouring some of her life force into him, but warns him he'll die if he overuses the Wind Tunnel. The loss of life force causes her wound to reopen again. Knowing Kikyo's plan to destroy him, Naraku is forced to take Onigumo, his human heart, back in. He gains the ability to spin spider webs in exchange for this, and, shortly after, manages to capture Kikyo in his webs, canceling out her purification powers and leaving her to be infected with his evil will. Her wound spreads and worsens as a result of this. Kohaku is protected by her shikigami. Byakuya of the Dreams finds Kohaku and poisons him with snakes, but is forced to leave when Sesshomaru's group arrives. Kohaku is taken with them because of his friendship with Rin. InuYasha's group finds Kikyo, InuYasha and Kagome entangled in the webs. Kagome sees a vision of the tragic parting between InuYasha and Kikyo which took place 50 years prior. Seeing that Kikyo cannot heal herself, Kagome attempts to use Kikyo's bow to once more purify the miasma in her. However, the bowstring detaches from the limb at Kagome's touch. Kikyo explains Kagome has been defiled by the webs, preventing her from being able to purify the miasma again. Kikyo instructs her to go to Mount Azusa to obtain a bow with special spiritual powers that can save her, but only if Kagome truly wants to. The Spirit Guardian tests her at the sacred mountain, during which Kagome dangles from a cliff. Kikyo appears and angers Kagome by telling her what she thinks of her. Kagome says she's jealous, then learns it was just an image of Kikyo created from her own insecurities. Kagome passes the test and obtains the sacred longbow of Mount Azusa. However, Kagome then falls into the abyss below the cliff. Naraku realises Kagome has gotten free from his webs and decides he will have to kill Kikyo personally to prevent her from being purified. 
8 "Among the Twinkling Stars"
"Hoshiboshi Kirameki no Aida ni" (星々きらめきの間に) 
November 21, 2009[15] November 22, 2009[1] November 23, 2012
Kagome falls from the sky, but InuYasha catches her. Naraku recaptures Kikyo and the others, including Koga. He intends to acquire Koga's shards, but realizes that they are too pure as they are influenced by the incredible strength of Midoriko's will, so he captures Koga to defile them. InuYasha and Kagome arrive and while InuYasha battles him, Kagome aims the sacred longbow of Mount Azusa at Kikyo to save her, but just before she shoots, Kikyo stops her and makes her wait. Naraku drops Kikyo and his body opens, revealing the Shikon Jewel inside. Koga tries to get it, realizing his shards are purifying Naraku, but the jewel disappears and Koga is trapped. Miroku uses the Wind Tunnel to suck away the miasma to free him. InuYasha and Koga are able to break him free, but Koga ends up losing his Shikon Jewel shards in the process. With the Shikon Jewel now in Kikyo, she urges Kagome to shoot her. It purifies the jewel, and Kikyo's soul collectors guide the arrow at Naraku to try purifying him along with the Shikon Jewel. However, his demonic energy overwhelms Kikyo's tremendous spiritual abilities, the Jewel becomes tainted, and Kikyo is rendered powerless and on the verge of death. Wounded by Kikyo's attack, Naraku is forced to retreat by an infuriated Inuyasha. Kikyo tells a heartbroken InuYasha that she is now finally an ordinary woman and he lovingly kisses her as she dies peacefully in his arms. Her Soul-Collectors carry her spirit into the stars to rest in peace. 
9 "Sesshomaru in the Underworld"
"Meikai no Sesshōmaru" (冥界の殺生丸) 
November 28, 2009[15] November 29, 2009[1] November 30, 2012
Without his shards, Koga takes Ginta and Hakaku and retires from fighting Naraku, leaving desire for revenge to InuYasha and his group. Meanwhile, Sesshomaru visits his mother Inukimi to ask how he can make Meido Zangetsuha even stronger than ever before. She summons a Hellhound from her Meido Stone for her son to battle, which takes Rin and Kohaku into the void of the Underworld. Sesshomaru follows them into the void and defeats the Hellhound to rescue them. In the void, Kohaku can move due to his shard, but Rin dies before long. When Kohaku informs Sesshomaru Rin isn't breathing, he stops, shocked. The darkness envelopes Rin, and Sesshomaru confronts the Underworld Guardian to rescue her. Sesshomaru uses Tenseiga to purify the carcass in the Underworld, and brings Rin and Kohaku back to the physical world with him with a wider eye-shaped Meido. Inukimi is surprised Sesshomaru isn't happy Zangetsuha's strength has increased, but Sesshomaru feels more disappointment and sadness for Rin's death, and is disturbed to learn Tenseiga can only summon the dead back to life once. After scolding Sesshomaru for thinking he was a god, who could cheat death simply because he carries Tenseiga, she revives Rin using her Meido Stone, but warns Kohaku that he is somewhat like Rin; since his life has been unnaturally prolonged by his shard, Tenseiga is unable to save him. 
10 "Flowers Drenched in Sadness"
"Kanashimi ni Nureru Hana" (悲しみに濡れる花) 
December 5, 2009[15] December 6, 2009[1] December 7, 2012
Naraku is irritated that there is still a speck of purity remaining in the Shikon Jewel, left behind by the deceased Kikyo; however, this speck of light can be exploited. In the meantime, Kanna goes to the field of flowers that Kagura died in and finds her fan, wondering if Kagura got the freedom she wished for. Kanna tosses the fan into a glistening pond, bidding her sister farewell. Elsewhere, InuYasha and his group arrive in a village of beautiful flowers, where the villagers are disturbingly happy. They discover a demon called the Flower Prince uses his magic to drain all sorrow and pain from the hearts of others, allowing them peace before making them part of the soil. Inuyasha, still carrying grieving over Kikyo's second death, is easily snared in an illusion, where Kikyo offers to go to the afterlife with him. Kagome, who the Flower Prince says has a delicious-tasting pain greater than Inuyasha's, destroys the demon, revmoing all the flowers in the village. Meanwhile, Naraku orders Kanna to lure InuYasha and his companions in and unleash her mirror. When the group arrives at the pond Kanna is at, a demon emerges from the mirror and steals all of Tetsusaiga's powers, forcing InuYasha and his friends to flee. Kanna is left to look for them, thinking about how she lacks anything of her own. 
11 "Kanna's Gravestone"
"Kanna no Bohyō" (神無の墓標) 
December 12, 2009[15] December 13, 2009[1] December 14, 2012
InuYasha's party hides in a cave with a barrier, but the Mirror Demon finds them and breaks through it. As InuYasha fights it, Tetsugaia draws out the power of his demon blood to help fight. As her Mirror Demon fights, Kanna heals the Mirror Demon's injuries by transferring them to herself. InuYasha tells Kanna not to interfere as he doesn't want to kill her; Byakuya laughs at them for not trying to kill Kanna instead of destroying the Mirror Demon now that they know they're connected. Watching as he recovers, Naraku orders Kanna to keep the demon going until it kills them, or until she is killed. InuYasha switches his target to the replica Tetsusaiga and successfully breaks it, restoring the power to his own sword and his body to his normal half-demon state. Since Kanna lost her right arm and left hand by taking the Mirror Demon's damage, the group tells Kanna that she's free, believing Naraku no longer has use for her. Kanna is shocked by this, only for Naraku to tell Kanna that her only purpose in life is to kill InuYasha's group; he orders her to walk towards them and self-destruct with the Mirror Demon. Kanna stays still, thinking of Kagura and her desire for freedom. Naraku begins squeezing Kanna's heart, making her burst with light at her injuries. Kagome walks toward Kanna, asking her what's happening; Kanna tries telling her something but cannot be heard. Naraku smashes Kanna's heart, making her and the Mirror Demon shatter into several shards of glass. However, no one is caught in the explosion. One the shards enters Kagome's eye, and though it Kanna shows Kagome the Shikon jewel with a single speck of light Kikyo left in it, saying "the light will destroy Naraku." Naraku notices his attempt has failed, wondering if Kanna would regret not being able to take InuYasha's group with her, but then thinks the idea to be ridiculous as Kanna didn't have any emotions. Once the dust settles, Shippo wonders if Kanna wanted to kill them so badly that she was willing to sacrifice her life to do so. However, Kagome, having felt Kanna's feelings through her telepathic message, cries for her; she explains to everyone that Kanna wanted to live. 
12 "Sango's Feelings, Miroku's Resolve"
"Sango no Omoi Miroku no Kakugo" (珊瑚の想い 弥勒の覚悟) 
December 19, 2009[15] December 20, 2009[1] December 21, 2012
During a new moon, Sango and Miroku face off against a Bone-collecting demon. During the battle, Miroku is forced to use his wind tunnel, resulting in him becoming poisoned. To protect him, Sango coats Hiraikotsu in a corrosive poison and uses it to destroy the demon. As Totosai cannot repair Hiraikotsu as it is now, Myoga suggests they visit the Master of Potions to have it repaired. The drunken man agrees to repair it and dumps it in a jug of alcohol, dissolving it. He sends Sango into another jug to pacify the demons inside; the demons are manifestations of the bones used to create the Hiraikotsu, angry because she coated them in poison. Outside the jar, the Master of Potions' liquor is revealed to allow its drinker to see what Sango is doing. While Kagome yells at Inuyasha and Shippo for drinking, the Master of Potions talks in secret with Miroku, offering him a poisonous drink that will prevent him from feeling the pain of any other poison or demon miasma, though it will not actually prevent it from spreading. When Sango asks Hiraikotsu to fight with her again, it promises so long as she doesn't betray them again; however, Sango says she cannot make a false oath as she will do it again if it means saving Miroku. At the same time, Miroku drinks the poison so he can continue to protect Sango. The Hiraikotsu demons agree to fight with her once again, and Sango's weapon is fully restored. However, the Master of Potions explains his herbs and poisons have changed it, but what the change is unknown until Sango uses Hiraikotsu to fight again. 
13 "A Complete Meido"
"Kanzen na Meidō" (完全な冥道) 
December 26, 2009[15] December 27, 2009[1] December 28, 2012
The demon Shishinki approaches Sesshomaru for a fight, having been defeated by Sesshomaru's father long ago. To Sesshomaru's surprise, Shishinki attacks him using a complete Meido Zangetsuha and claims Sesshomaru's father stole the technique from him. Sesshomaru attacks with his Meido, but Shishinki's absorbs it. InuYasha and his group arrive and after Shishinki attacks him, InuYasha joins the argument. Shishinki taunts Sesshomaru, telling him that he must have been shunned by his father if his younger half-demon, half-human brother has Tetsusaiga as Tenseiga is just a cast off from it to contain the unneeded Meido. As Sesshomaru furiously wonders why his father did this, Shishinki attacks again. InuYasha protects him with the Wind Scar, but Sesshomaru punches him and tells him not to interfere. Sesshomaru blindly charges Shishinki. Miroku uses a paper charm to fire Myoga at InuYasha so he can explain to Sesshomaru that his father entrusted him with the Meido because he felt Sesshomaru could master it; however, Shishinki points out that he could have just given him Tetsusaiga instead of casting off Tenseiga. Sesshomaru resumes his attack. When InuYasha again comes to his aid, their swords begin pulsating. When Sesshomaru draws Tenseiga, he is able to launch a massive complete Meido that swallows Shishinki. InuYasha tries to tell Sesshomaru that Shishinki was lying, and Tenseiga is a proper keepsake, but Sesshomaru states that they are destined to fight one another for the rest of their lives. Myoga states Sesshomaru must have realized his father's true intentions. 
14 "In Pursuit of Naraku"
"Naraku no Tsuigeki" (奈落の追撃) 
January 4, 2010[15] January 3, 2010[1] January 3, 2013
Byakuya arrives to see the aftermath of the battle against Shishinki, asking the Rock Children what occurred. In the meantime, Totosai confirms that Sesshomaru's father gave him Tenseiga so Meido Zangetsuha could be perfected, then have Tetsusaiga reabsorb it. Meanwhile, Naraku takes advantage of Sesshomaru's absence and tries to take Kohaku's shard, but is annoyed to find that it is still being protected and purified by Kikyo's spiritual powers. Kohaku fights Naraku alone, to protect Jaken, and protecting Rin as well. InuYasha's group arrives and Naraku tries to taunt Sango by claiming Kohaku runs from her to forget his past. She states that she already knew that, but will still fight for him when he needs her. She attacks with Hiraikotsu and to her surprise, it now has its own demonic energy and it is able to injure Naraku. InuYasha follows up with an Adamant Barrage attack, Kagome fires one of her sacred arrows, and Miroku attempts to use his Wind Tunnel, but the severely injured Naraku manages to flee. Afterward, Kohaku tells them that because his jewel shard is still pure, they may still be able to use in the final battle with Naraku. 
15 "True Heir"
"Seitōnaru Keishōsha" (正統なる継承者) 
January 11, 2010[15] January 10, 2010[1] January 11, 2013
Using the fragment of Kanna's mirror, Sesshomaru is able to make Tenseiga replicate Tetsusaiga's powers and abilities and challenges InuYasha to a battle to test his worthiness to wield their father's fang of destruction. InuYasha accepts. Every time the swords cross, Tetsusaiga regains some of its powers and abilities back. Sesshomaru creates a Meido that swallows InuYasha, and throws Tenseiga into it but Inuyasha cut through his demonic enegy to save himself . Naraku tries to control Tenseiga through Kanna's mirror. Sesshomaru jumps in the Meido and forces InuYasha to break Tenseiga. Tetsusaiga's blade becomes black, and InuYasha creates a Meido to come back from the netherworld. The broken Tenseiga comes back anew. Toutousai said that, now freed from his obsession with Tetsusaiga, Sesshomaru is one step away from obtaining a much stronger and much more powerful weapon of his own that was not inherited from his father. 
16 "Hitomiko's Barrier"
"Hitomiko no kekkai" (瞳子の結界) 
January 18, 2010[15] January 17, 2010[1] January 18, 2013
Naraku attacks and fatally wounds Hitomiko, a priestess with unusually strong and powerful spiritual powers and abilities that he previously tried to kill fifteen years ago. Using the Shikon Jewel, he keeps her alive and uses his spider webs to control and manipulate her. He has her erect an incredibly strong and powerful barrier that traps Kagome, and begins torturing her to death. Kagome shoots the spider controlling Hitomiko, though she worries this will corrupt both Hitomiko's soul and spiritual powers. When she fires her sacred arrow, a huge light purple glowing ray of intense spiritual power shoots out and Hitomiko is able to die peacefully in Kagome's arms, after first telling Kagome that she can sense that Kagome's true spiritual powers are highly extensive, but are somehow sealed. 
17 "Magatsuhi's Evil Will"
"Magatsuhi no Janen" (曲霊の邪念) 
January 25, 2010[15] January 24, 2010[1] January 25, 2013
InuYasha's group returns to Kaede's village to tell her of Kikyo's death. As they talk, she states that Kagome's innate spiritual power was probably sealed by Magatsuhi, the evil will of the Shikon Jewel that did it out of fear of Kagome's enormously strong spiritual powers and abilities. Meanwhile, Naraku enables Magatsuhi to manifest as a demon. With his new body, Magatsuhi attacks Sesshomaru's group to try to take Kohaku's Sacred Jewel shard. Sesshomaru struggles to defend the boy without a weapon and having only one arm. InuYasha's group arrives to find Sesshomaru's right arm badly wounded and Kohaku's shard being defiled. As InuYasha confronts Magatsuhi, he renders Kagome unconscious. Sesshomaru uses his will to heal his wounds, annoyed with InuYasha who is telling him to back down, and assumes his true form to attack Magatsuhi. The brothers struggle to battle Magatsuhi, while protecting their respective groups. Eventually Magatsuhi spears Sesshomaru and traps him, saying he will become part of Naraku's body. The others fear he is dead, and when InuYasha rushes to free him he is captured as well. Sesshomaru bursts through the ball of appendages, and as Toutousai arrives, Sesshomaru's left arm is restored and he is wielding a new sword. Toutousai calls it Bakusaiga and says it was always inside Sesshomaru, but could not be wielded until he surpassed his father in power and strength and learned to let go of his obsession with Tetsusaiga. With his newfound demon sword called Bakusaiga, Sesshomaru destroys Magatsuhi's body, forcing the latter to flee. At the end of the episode, Kagome finally awakens with a puzzled expression on her face. 
18 "The Day of Days"
"Jinsei no Ichidaiji" (人生の一大事) 
February 1, 2010[15] January 31, 2010[1] February 1, 2013
Both groups go to Kaede's village where Kohaku remains unconscious due to the defilement of his shard, when he protected Rin from the previous episode. Kaede suggest Magatsuhi was able to defile it because the incredibly strong purifying spell Kikyo left behind is only effective against Naraku. Kagome tries to purify it but is unable to, seemingly due to Magatsuhi's mental attack against her. After Toutousai makes him a scabbard for his new sword, Sesshomaru heads off to hunt down Magatsuhi as only Tenseiga would be able to defeat him. He leaves Rin and Jaken behind with Kohaku. Kagome decides to return home to take her high school entrance exams, promising to return when they are done. While standing at the tree he was once pinned to, InuYasha worries that Kagome will die in the battle with Naraku, just like Kikyo, and thinks its safer for her to be home where she is not alone. Meanwhile, Kagome finds herself feeling lonely and missing her friends from the Feudal era, as her family is away on a trip, the school closed, and her friends unavailable. She falls asleep studying and awakes to find InuYasha there, much to her joy. As they talk, InuYasha asks her to consider staying there until Naraku is defeated, and suggests that her spiritual powers and abilities were sealed by Kikyo's final wish not to fight anymore. Kagome refuses, wanting to keep her promise to Kikyo and make the one correct wish that will make the sacred Shikon Jewel disappear from world of the living forever. InuYasha vows to protect Kagome with his life, and they almost kiss passionately, but are interrupted by the sudden return of her family. Ten days later, Kagome goes to take her exams, with InuYasha following after coming to pick her up since ten days is up. Kagome's bag gets caught in the train, but InuYasha carries her after it to retrieve it. She hugs him and he takes her to the exam site, where her mother meets her with the exam ticket she left at home. 
19 "Kohaku's Shard"
"Kōhaku no Kakera" (琥珀の欠片) 
February 8, 2010[15] February 7, 2010[1] February 8, 2013
Sesshomaru finds Magatsuhi and attacks him with Tenseiga, but it was only an illusion created by Byakuya. The real Magatsuhi attacks Kaede's village and gains control of Kohaku's body. Before escaping, he badly injures Miroku and Sango and electrocutes Rin with poison just trying to help. InuYasha and Kagome return and give chase, while Sesshomaru discovers the deception and begins fighting Byakuya himself. Byakuya brings one thousand demons to hold off Sesshomaru, who easily slays them with Bakusaiga in a single strike. Back at the village, Sango kisses the sleeping Miroku and prays for him to survive, before chasing after Kohaku. When InuYasha, Kagome, and Sango find him. Responding to his sister's appeal and aided by some of Kikyo's pure light left in his Shikon Jewel shard, Kohaku manages to break Magatsuhi's control momentarily. Kohaku jumps into a deep canyon in an effort to drive Magatsuhi out of his body. 
20 "When the Jewel Is Whole"
"Shikon no Tama ga Kansei suru Toki" (四魂の玉が完成する時) 
February 15, 2010[15] February 14, 2010[1] February 15, 2013
Kohaku successfully drives Magatsuhi out of his body just as Sesshomaru arrives, who manages to use Tenseiga to cut Magatsuhi in half, destroying part of him. Naraku then tries to take Kohaku's shard himself, but Sesshomaru attacks with his Bakusaiga, which causes Naraku's body to explode. Meanwhile, a red demonic aura passes from Miroku's body into Rin's. Now possessed by Magatsuhi, Rin flies off with a demon. Later, Naraku manages to capture Kagome and demands InuYasha's group gives him Kohaku's shard in exchange for her. Kohaku spots a sacred arrow on the ground and hides it, before offering himself to Naraku. When Naraku grabs him, Kohaku stabs the arrow into the spot where Moryomaru's diamond armor is, shattering it. Naraku escapes in a miasma cloud. Sango and Kohaku hug one another in celebration, but then a piece of Naraku's flesh pierces Kohaku's neck, taking the shard, leaving his empty body behind. Naraku completes the Shikon Jewel, but Kohaku is brought back to life by Kikyo's light after her spirit hears Sango crying for him. With the Shikon Jewel now complete the final battle between light and darkness, good and evil begins. 
21 "Inside Naraku"
"Naraku no Tainai e" (奈落の体内へ) 
February 22, 2010[15] February 21, 2010[1] February 22, 2013
Kagome learns that she has been put on the waiting list for high school, and is happy about the fact that she was accepted at all. She and her friends graduate from middle school. Hojo wishes to give Kagome his second button, a tradition in Japan which means that the boy likes the girl, but she leaves before he can. Back in the Feudal Era, Naraku has absorbed the power of the Shikon Jewel and a dark cloud spreads over the land. InuYasha's group leaves to defeat Naraku, leaving Shippo behind. As they find Naraku and Byakuya in a cloud of miasma, they see Sesshomaru enter Naraku's body in search of Rin. As InuYasha's group enters, Miroku pauses to propose to Sango. They soon realize that though they are breathing in the miasma, it is not harming them because the Shikon Jewel wants to capture their souls first. InuYasha and Kagome search for the defiled jewel, after Miroku and Sango are captured. As InuYasha gets closer to the Shikon Jewel, he turns into a full-blooded demon and attacks Kagome. Naraku offers Kagome a miasma-coated arrow to save herself with, but she refuses. InuYasha attacks again, throwing her off a cliff. Naraku says InuYasha will kill her, just as he had killed Kikyo. 
22 "Naraku: The Trap of Darkness"
"Naraku Yami no Wana" (奈落 闇の罠) 
March 1, 2010[15] February 28, 2010[1] March 1, 2013
Sango realizes that Miroku's Wind Tunnel is getting larger and the two are taken in by an illusion of Miroku's father being sucked in by his Wind Tunnel. InuYasha momentarily regains his consciousness when he hears Kagome's voice, but his heart is devoured by the Shikon Jewel’s poison, and he turns into his demon form once more. As Miroku and Sango run away from demons, Miroku uses his Wind Tunnel once more to save Sango. He tells Sango that they should part then because of his Wind Tunnel about to devour them both, but Sango follows after him. Rin gains her consciousness again and soon runs into InuYasha, in his demon form. After InuYasha attempts to attack Magatsuhi, he is instead possessed by him when Sesshomaru and Kagome arrive. InuYasha, possessed by Magatsuhi, and Sesshomaru fight, while Kagome attempts to retrieve Tetsusaiga, which Magatsuhi has released because he realizes that the Tetsusaiga acts as the link which allowed InuYasha to keep a bit of control. As Kagome pulls the sword, she falls over the cliff, but is able to hold onto the side. Kagome calls to InuYasha and he gains some of his consciousness back and Tetsusaiga calls to InuYasha once more. He gains his control back and as Magatsuhi leaves InuYasha's body, he attempts to take over Kagome's. Then, InuYasha's demonic energy draws Magatsuhi out of both of their bodies, and Sesshomaru uses Tenseiga to destroy him once and for all. 
23 "Naraku: The Trap of Light"
"Naraku Hikari no Wana" (奈落 光の罠) 
March 8, 2010[15] March 7, 2010[1] March 8, 2013
After Magatsuhi's defeat, Kagome's innate spiritual powers and abilities are released to their fullest extent. The Shikon Jewel once again has a spark of pure light within it. Naraku tries to eradicate the pure light by sending out illusions, one to make Sango destroy Rin in the name of saving Miroku from the horrible death his father suffered, and one to trick Miroku to using his Wind Tunnel for one last time. Inuyasha makes it in time to prevent Miroku from opening the Wind Tunnel. Kagome's sacred arrow hits Naraku destroying the illusions, freeing Rin with the Hiraikotsu. Though Rin is freed and nearly falls to her death, Kohaku comes to save her before hitting the ground just in time. Inuyasha, Kagome, and Miroku sees Naraku's true body as his miasma starts to fill the air, Inuyasha sends a Meido, Byakuya uses a strange blade to rob some of the Meido's energy, and Sango protects Rin from the miasma by giving Rin her protective mask. 
24 "Naraku's Uncertain Wish[17]"
"Naraku Hakanaki Nozomi" (奈落 儚き望み) 
March 15, 2010[15] March 14, 2010[1] March 15, 2013
Naraku releases more miasma, while Inuyasha uses Tetsusaiga's barrier to protect himself, Kagome, and Miroku. Sango arrives riding Kirara and throws her Hirakotsu, but it absorbs too much of the miasma and Sango falls through a hole Naraku opens in his flesh. Miroku follows and she decides to die with him there. When Kagome questions Naraku about whether his real wish has come true, he becomes enraged. As he absorbs the jewel, he begins transforming and spreading spiderwebs around the area. Inuyasha unleashes Meido Zangestuha, which takes on the form of slashing blades due to the different nature of his sword. Miroku and Sango fall again, but are joined by Shippo. Byakuya slashes Kagome across the back with his blade, but strangely it leaves no wound. Inuyasha quickly attacks and kills Byakuya, who states that he has fulfilled his purpose. Together, Miroku, Sango, Shippo and Kirara, along with Sesshomaru's group, join Inuyasha and Kagome in the final battle against Naraku. 
25 "Thoughts Fall Short"
"Todokanu Omoi" (届かぬ想い) 
March 22, 2010[15] March 21, 2010[1] March 22, 2013
Naraku gives his soul to the Shikon Jewel and transforms. As his miasma strengthens and increases, Kohaku, Rin, Jaken and Kirara are forced to leave, giving their masks to Sango and Miroku. As the others exit Naraku's body later, they find themselves over the Bone Eater's well near Kaede's village. After Naraku's body was destroyed by InuYasha's Meido Zangetsuha, Kagome pierces the Shikon Jewel with an unusually strong and powerful sacred arrow, dealing him a fatal blow. They learn that his true wish was Kikyo's heart, a wish the Shikon Jewel never granted. As Naraku's soul is purified and Miroku's Wind Tunnel vanishes. As the group celebrates their victory, a Meido opens behind Kagome and pulls her in along with the well. Kagome finds herself in front of her high school, and begins hanging out with her friends and dating Hojo with no memories of Inuyasha or the others. However, a nagging sense that something is wrong keeps bothering her, and when she touches the Goshinboku, her memories return and the spell is broken. She awakens surrounded by darkness. The Shikon Jewel tells her that she will stay there forever unless she makes a selfish wish to return to her own time. InuYasha uses Meido Zangestuha to jump into the darkness after Kagome. As he battles through the demons of the Shikon Jewel, he yells to Kagome not to make any wishes yet, for if she does, she will forever remain inside the Shikon Jewel, battling demons for an eternity. 
26 "Toward Tomorrow"
"Ashita e" (明日へ) 
March 29, 2010[18] March 28, 2010[1] March 29, 2013

Kagome hears InuYasha telling her not to make any wishes and remembers her grandfather telling her that the one correct wish will cause the Shikon Jewel to be banished from the world forever. Inuyasha battles his way to her and after they share a loving kiss, she makes her wish: that the Shikon Jewel would vanish forever. The Shikon Jewel shatters and the demons inside it disappear, as do Naraku and the priestess Midoriko.

In the present day, eighteen-year-old Kagome, who is now about to graduate from high school, recalls how InuYasha had rescued her and how that the Bone Eater's well had stopped working since then. Inside the shrine, she realizes that her own feelings are what was blocking the well and wishes she could see InuYasha again. The well reactivates as Kagome's mother joins her. Kagome bids her farewell and enters the well. InuYasha quickly catches her scent and meets her, taking her by the hand. Kagome's family and friends continue to live as they always have – Sota tells his friends that his sister got married right after high school and moved away; Hojo is dating the underclassman who was hitting on him earlier in the series, and Kagome's friends are in college. In the feudal world, Sango and Miroku live with their three kids in Kaede's village; Kohaku is off to train to become a strong demon slayer; Myoga continues to live with Totosai; Shippo is training to become a strong fox demon; Koga gets married to Ayame; Rin lives with Kaede in the village where Sesshoumaru is shown paying her visits, along with Jaken, and bringing Rin gifts. Inuyasha said that this was practice for returning her to a human village or whatever she chooses. Content, Kagome is adapting to her new life in the feudal world as InuYasha's wife. 


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