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Kandaswamy Temple, Inuvil
Kandaswamy Temple, Inuvil
Inuvil is located in Sri Lanka
Coordinates: 9°43′0″N 80°01′0″E / 9.71667°N 80.01667°E / 9.71667; 80.01667
Country Sri Lanka
Province Northern
District Jaffna
DS Division Valikamam South

Inuvil (Tamil: இணுவில்) is a village in Northern Sri Lanka. It is situated along the KKS main road, Jaffna district. The area is mainly populated by people who speak the Tamil (see Portuguese Ceylon).


The town and the surrounding area is mostly populated by farmers. The majority of the people are Sri Lankan Tamil. First and foremost revolutionary group EROS formed by Ratnasababathi is from Inuvil.


The Inuvil Central College and the Inuvil Hindu College are some of the schools of the area. There are few Computer Education centers too.


Most of them are Hindus Around 98%-99% and follows the Tamil Culture. There are many professional drummers came from this village including famous Thadshanamoorthy. Also have a "Gurukulam" where most of the Hindu priest are educated here.

Famous Hindu Temples(இந்து கோயில்கள்) In the village of Inuvil there are lot of small temples every where, because the village people are very much devoutness, there are few huge historical Tamil kingdom era's temples are still looking-after by these people without any less of holly and holy, here they are Inuvai Pararajasekara pillaiyaar kovil(இணுவை பரராஜசேகரப்பிள்ளையார் கோவில்), Inuvai Kanthaswamy kovil (இணுவை கந்தசாமி கோவில்), Inuvai Sivakami amman kovil(இணுவை சிவகாமி அம்மன் கோவில்),and Inuvai Karaikal sivan kovil (இணுவை காரைக்கால் சிவன் கோவில்)

Notable people[edit]

Ratna Sababathy - Founder Member of EROS Veeramani Iyar - Poet who wrote "karpaka valli nin pot pathankal pidithaen"; Sivasothynathion Thadshanamoorthy - Professional Drummer; Prof. R. Vigneswaran - Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Jaffna; Prof. K. Thevarajah(J.P) - Faculty of Management and Commerce; Prof.Saba.Jayarasa; Dr Shanmugalingam Suganthan - Computer Scientist

Notable Industries

  • Anna Coffee Factory
  • K.R.S Food Products
  • A.V.S Rice Mills

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Coordinates: 9°43′N 80°01′E / 9.717°N 80.017°E / 9.717; 80.017