Invading the Sacred

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Invading the Sacred: An Analysis of Hinduism Studies in America
Author Antonio de Nicolas, Krishnan Ramaswamy and Aditi Banerjee
Country India
Language English
Publisher Rupa & Co
Publication date
Pages 545
ISBN 978-8129111821
OCLC 162522146

Invading The Sacred: An Analysis Of Hinduism Studies In America is a critical work published in 2007 by Rupa & Co. which discusses factual inaccuracies in Hindu studies.[1][2][3] The editors of the book are Antonio de Nicolas, Krishnan Ramaswamy and Aditi Banerjee.[4] The book has contributions from Prof. Arvind Sharma of McGill University, S.N.Balagangadhara of Ghent University, Psychoanalyst Alan Roland, Yvette C. Rosser, Ramesh N. Rao, Pandita Indrani Rampersad, Yuvraj Krishnan and others.


Discourses on religions shifted from sharing knowledge amongst Western scholars to members of religions and traditions challenging the discourse in post European Imperialism. The book, according to Prof. Arvind Sharma, is at turning point where members claim right to discourses of traditions and religions about Hinduism, as also relationship amongst interlocutors.[5]

Documenting protests and disputed studies[edit]

The book documents essays, critiques and surveys of western scholarship on religions and traditions in India. Often, the current knowledge in America of Hinduism is shocking to Indians. The book also contains critiques of European ideas as applied to Indian culture. The last sections chronicles how key academic establishments in United States have responded.[6] The book documents protests that are not only of cognitive or factual basis but also often about interpretations. A non-cognitive approach that is non-falsifiable makes study of Hinduism more of an art correspondingly which leads to new challenge of differences of opinions between members and scholars. Critics of academics claim bias or gross errors in some aspects.[5] The book also disputes the studies by Wendy Doniger, Jeffery Kripal and Paul Courtright. It also critiques the efficacy of the excessive use of Freudian psychoanalysis in hermeneutics which some of these studies rely on.[1]

Analysis of the book[edit]

An extensive scholarly analysis of this work has been published by Rahul Peter Das.[7]

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