Inventing the Internet

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Inventing the Internet is a book written by Janet Abbate.[1] The MIT Press published the book in 1999, as part of its Inside Technology series.[2] The book might be useful to a person interested in the history of packet switching, and possibly other communications paradigms, as well.

The following is a copy of the book's table of contents.

ARPANET logical map, March 1977.
  1. Introduction...
  2. White Heat and Cold War: The Origins and Meanings of Packet Switching
  3. Building the ARPANET: Challenges and Strategies
  4. "The Most Neglected Element": Users Transform the ARPANET
  5. From ARPANET to Internet
  6. The Internet in the International Standards Arena
  7. Popularizing the Internet
  8. Notes
  9. Bibliography
  10. Index

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