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Inverleith House
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Inverleith House
Location Edinburgh

Inverleith House is a contemporary art gallery situated within Edinburgh's Royal Botanic Garden in the suburb of Inverleith.[1]


Designed in 1774 by David Henderson for the Rocheid family,[2] Inverleith House was the official residence of successive Regius Keepers (directors) of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh until it became the founding home of the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, from 1960 to 1984.[3][4] Since 1986 it has run a continuous programme of temporary exhibitions spanning visual art and botanical science under the auspices of the Garden, which recognises the need for art as well as science in our appreciation and understanding of the natural world, making it pre-eminent amongst botanic gardens today, in this respect. Inverleith House was refurbished in 1990 and again in 2004, to improve visitor access and to introduce new educational facilities, with support from National Lottery Funds administered by The Scottish Arts Council, which also supports the exhibitions programme. This award-winning programme invites artists of major international standing to exhibit in Scotland for the first time and presents work by those based in Scotland on an international stage, attracting new audiences for contemporary art. Its twentieth anniversary was celebrated in 2006 with an exhibition of botanical drawings from South India (1826-1853) and solo exhibitions by Roni Horn, Rudolf Stingel, Robert Ryman, and Douglas Gordon.[4]


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Coordinates: 55°57′54″N 3°12′37″W / 55.9650°N 3.2102°W / 55.9650; -3.2102