Invisiblegirl Records

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Invisiblegirl Records
Invisiblegirl records logo.jpg
Parent company Invisiblegirl Records
Founded 2006
Founder Julia Adamson
Distributor(s) Invisiblegirl Records
Genre various
Country of origin United Kingdom
Location England, UK
Official website

Invisiblegirl Records is an independent record label, based in Manchester, England, UK. It was founded in September, 2006. Invisible Girl Music Publishing Limited was launched around the same time to manage the publishing on Invisiblegirl Records. Invisible Girl has an eclectic approach, promoting alternative music from around the world that ranges from electronica to guitar rock, but always with an ear for the unique and individual. The label is very artist-centred, priding itself on building a collaborative rapport with its artists.

Current and Former Artists on Invisiblegirl[edit]

  • Anthematic
  • Borland
  • City Of Glass
  • Danny Short
  • Fall Fan Dave And The Laptop Dancers
  • Fiesta Animal
  • Honeychild Coleman
  • Illustration
  • Kin
  • Moff Skellington
  • nran
  • Ramide
  • Ruchira Kale
  • Sista Ray And The Jerkin' Tears
  • The Clouds
  • The Happy Soul
  • What?Noise


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