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Invison Power Services
Operating system Cross Platform
Platform PHP / MySQL (MSSQL available)
Type Community Software

Invision Power Services, Inc. is a software and web hosting company established in February 2002, best known for Invision Power Board. Its headquarters is based in Forest, Virginia.[1]

Products and services[edit]


Main article: Invision Power Board

Invision Power Board (abbreviated IP.Board) is a commercial Internet forum package written in PHP, similar to other forum software such as vBulletin and phpBB. Even though it is a commercial product, many communities are dedicated to creating and distributing free modifications for the software.

Over the years, other applications have been added to the software line-up, such as the following:

IP.Blog is a commercial blog application that enables a site to offer its members personal or group blogs.

IP.Gallery is a commercial gallery application that allows members to share photos and videos.

IP.Subscriptions was introduced with the release of the IP.Board 3.0 series. Prior to IP.Board 3, the subscription manager was offered as part of the core product. Soon after the introduction of IP.Nexus, IP.Subscriptions was handed off to a 3rd party vendor for continued development and support.

IP.Downloads is a download management system.

IP.Content (formally known as Community Content System or IP.CCS) is a powerful content management system with additional features and functions to give a site administrator complete control over their site.

IP.Nexus is a business oriented application aimed at generating revenue by selling products, memberships, hosting, etc. as well as providing a support center where members can submit support tickets. Unlike most of the other IPS products, IP.Nexus is not available in source form.


Invision Power Services operates its own data center and servers to provide hosted installations of its software with maximum optimization,[2] and used to offer regular web hosting on both shared and dedicated servers.

Discontinued products[edit]

Invision Power Services has, in the past, released products and services which have since been discontinued.

  • Invision Power Dynamic. Invision Power Dynamic was a commercial content management system in development for several years.
  • Invision Power File Manager, (previously Aquonics File Manager), a multi-user web-based file management system.
  • Invision Power Top Site List, a list that presents the most visited websites submitted by users.


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