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Invoice reader is a technical term that usually signifies complex software solutions for enterprise Accounts Payable departments data entry business process optimization. The business process optimization is performed through the Invoice processing automation.


Those systems functionality normally covers the following scope:

Invoice Reader solution elements
integrate with image documents sources such as scanners, enterprise e-mail servers, fax servers.
perform document characters recognition (Optical character recognition - OCR, Intelligent Character Recognition - ICR, Optical mark recognition - OMR) with multiple recognition engines
perform the Document classification
perform Automatic identification and data capture (also referred to as data extraction, or intelligent document recognition - IDR)
manage the workflow of Document classification, validation and exceptions handling, and approval
integrate with line of business enterprise systems (Enterprise resource planning - ERP, Customer relations management - CRM, Content Management Systems - CMS, Digital archives...) and deliver the extracted information along with the images

Validations performed on the invoice usually include checks against the Line of Business systems information about vendors, line items (materials and services) bank accounts, contacts information, purchase orders, goods receipts and similar.

Major vendors[edit]

vendor product
Top Image Systems Invoice Reader solution based on eFLOW product line
Peladon Software DocXP Invoices
SAP SI Invoice Reader
Betasystems Invoice Reader solution based on FrontCollect
Razorsight Invoice Reader
EMC Captiva Invoice Reader
Readsoft Invoice Reader
Smartsoft Smartsoft Invoices
Brainware IDCDistiller