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Elevation 338 m (1,109 ft)
Location South Korea
Korean name
Hangul 인왕산
Revised Romanization Inwangsan
McCune–Reischauer Inwangsan

Inwangsan is a mountain with a height of 338 meters, located in Jongno-gu and Hongje-dong, Seodaemun-gu, central areas of Seoul, South Korea.[1] The name literally means "mountain of generous king" in Korean. The mountain covers an area of 1,086,696.50㎡ and has many huge granite peaks which distinguish it from other mountains in Seoul. Each rock is named after its characteristic form, such as gicha bawi (기차바위, train rock), chima bawi (치마바위 skirt rock), iseul bawi (이슬바위 dew rock), moja bawi (모자바위 hat rock), and jiryungii bawi (지렁이바위 worm rock).[2]

Inwangsan is famous for its view, so many painters depicted the mountain in their works such as Jeong Seon's Inwang jesaekdo. The Fortress Wall of Seoul surrounds the mountain in which Inwangsa temple and Guksadang shrine are located as well.[3]


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Coordinates: 37°35′05″N 126°57′31″E / 37.58472°N 126.95861°E / 37.58472; 126.95861