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In Lakota mythology, Íŋyaŋ (Rock) was the first of the superior gods. He existed before the beginning. He then created Maka and gave it the spirit Makȟá-akáŋl (Earth goddess), the second of the superior gods and a part of Íŋyaŋ. Creating Maka required most of Inyan's blood, which was blue, to form a great disk, beyond which there was nothing. after creating Makȟá, Íŋyaŋ was very weak. he created miniature versions of Makȟá, and her lover, father sky. Those miniatures were humans. This effort made Íŋyaŋ hard and powerless. His blood became the blue waters and the sky, and Naǧí Tȟáŋka (Sky god), the great Spirit who is all powerful and called Škáŋ (Most Holy), the third superior god. He was in North America.