Io così non ci sto

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Switzerland "Io così non ci sto"
Eurovision Song Contest 1983 entry
Country Switzerland
Artist(s) Mariella Farré
Language Italian
Composer(s) Thomas Gonzenbach, Remo Kessler
Lyricist(s) Nella Martinetti
Conductor Robert Weber
Finals performance
Final result 15th
Final points 28
Appearance chronology
◄ "Amour on t'aime" (1982)   
"Welche Farbe hat der Sonnenschein?" (1984) ►

"Io così non ci sto" (I don't like it this way), was the Swiss entry in Eurovision Song Contest 1983 performed in Italian by Mariella Farré.

At the Eurovision Song Contest 1983 in Munich in the former West Germany the song finished 15th and has received 28 points. It was performed 8th on the night, after the Spain's song "¿Quién maneja mi barca?" by Remedios Amaya, and before Finland's entry "Fantasiaa" by Ami Aspelund