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Iolanthe is a feminine given name, derived from the Greek "ιολη" (iole) for "violet" and "ανθος" (anthos) for "flower".

  • Yolanda, the Spanish form of the name, is also used in English-speaking countries.
  • Jolantha, the Eastern European form, is a fairly common name in Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia.

Other variants include Iolanda, Iolanta, Iolantha, Jolanthe, Yolantha, Yolanthe, Yolley and Yollie.

Iolanthe (or one of its variants) may also refer to:

In the theatre[edit]

Several distinct theatrical works are titled (or have been produced under the title of) Iolanthe.

  • An English version of the play King René's Daughter was produced in London by Henry Irving's company in 1880 under the title Iolanthe; Iolanthe is the name of the title character in King René's Daughter.
  • Iolanthe; or, The Peer and the Peri, a comic opera by Gilbert and Sullivan was first produced in London in 1882.
  • Tchaikovski's one-act lyric opera Iolanta (Иоланта) premiered in 1892. The story is based on King René's Daughter.
  • A play by Jerzy Żuławski in Polish premiered in 1905 as Iloja, which is translated to English as "Iolanthe".

In other media[edit]