Ion Stoian

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Ion Stoian
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania
In office
November 2, 1989 – December 22, 1989
President Nicolae Ceaușescu
Preceded by Ioan Totu
Succeeded by Sergiu Celac
Personal details
Born (1927-11-28) November 28, 1927 (age 86)
Telega, Romania

Ion Stoian (born November 28, 1927) is a Romanian communist former politician who briefly served as the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania in 1989, during the rule of Nicolae Ceaușescu.

Life and political career[edit]

Stoian was born in Telega, Romania. He was a member of Communist Party Bureau of Grivița district of Bucharest.[1] He served as the Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade and International Economic Cooperation from April 7, 1979 until November 22, 1985.[2] Stoian served as the Minister of Foreign Affairs from November 2, 1989 until December 22, 1989, when the Ceaușescu regime was overthrown.[3][4]

Stoian was arrested and sentenced to 14 years. He was pardoned by President Ion Iliescu and released in March 1994.

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