Iona College (Windsor, Ontario)

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Iona College is a small affiliated college of the University of Windsor located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.


Iona College was founded in 1964 by the United Church of Canada. It has been an affiliated Theological College of the University of Windsor since its founding [1]. It was named after the Isle of Iona in Scotland.


The College is housed in a single building, a former stately home located at 208 Sunset Avenue on the campus of the University of Windsor.


The College has two schools: The School of Languages, which provides English as a Section Language instruction and the School of Theology. The College offers a Bachelor of Theology degrees in conjunction with Huntington University and the Ecumenical Theological Seminary in nearby Detroit, Michigan as well as Certificates related to ministers. The School of Theology is, as of 2011, no longer accepting new applicants.

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