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Iona Presentation College
Iona Presentation College crest. Source: (Iona Presentation College website)
Pro Deo et Patria
For God and Country
Coordinates 32°00′31″S 115°46′03″E / 32.0085°S 115.7674°E / -32.0085; 115.7674Coordinates: 32°00′31″S 115°46′03″E / 32.0085°S 115.7674°E / -32.0085; 115.7674
Type Independent, Day and Boarding
Religious affiliation(s) Roman Catholic
(Presentation Sisters)
Established 1907
Gender Girls
Enrolment 850 (7–12)[1]
Colour(s) Blue and Gold
Athletics conference IGSSA

Iona Presentation College is a prestigious independent, day and boarding school for girls, located in Mosman Park, an affluent suburb of Perth, Western Australia.

Founded in 1907 by the Presentation Sisters, Iona now caters for approximately 850 girls, including over 100 boarders from Years 7 to 12.[1]

The college is a member of the Independent Girls Schools Sports Association (IGSSA), the Alliance of Girls' Schools Australia,[2] the Australian Boarding Schools' Association,[1] the Association of Heads of Independent Schools of Australia (AHISA),[3] and the Association of Independent Schools of Western Australia.[4] It doesn't have an official sister school, although it maintains a good relationship with the Christian Brothers College, Fremantle.


Iona Presentation College was founded on 11 September 1907, by the Presentation Sisters who came to Australia from Kildare in Ireland.

The College is named after the Scottish Isle of Iona, on which the Irish Saint Columba founded a community in 563AD. Iona became a centre of learning from which Saint Columba and his monks spread the Gospel into Scotland and the north of England. Bishop Gibney remarked that the school's location in Mosman Park, situated on a rise, with the Swan River on one side and the ocean on the other, reminded him of the Isle of Iona. Furthermore, one of the four founding sisters was Sister Columba and so it was decided that an appropriate name for the College would be Iona.[5] Iona recently celebrated its centenary in 2007, marking 100 years since the foundation of the college.

Iona also won the IGSSA Swimming Carnival in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.


Six Iona values underpin all that the College strives for. Each year, a value is chosen as a focus. By the time students reach Year 12, they have lived through and practised each value to the best of their ability. [6]

Excellence – Foster an environment that encourages us to achieve our best in all endeavours

Community – Promote a sense of belonging where each member of our community is valued and has a role to play

Social Justice – Take an active role in defending personal rights by showing compassion and working together to help those in need

Love of Learning – Inspire a passion for knowledge that enables us to explore, challenge and be creative in our lives

Integrity – Be true to ourselves, live with honour and show/have the courage to defend our beliefs

Tradition – Honour our Presentation heritage and embrace our role in its continuation

Pastoral Care[edit]

Pastoral Care at Iona involves looking after the physical, emotional, spiritual and social well-being of students and staff. It is based on the Christian value that everyone has worth and deserves respect and care. [7]

Iona Presentation College prides itself on the provision of a safe learning environment that nurtures its students in a holistic way; that is, physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. In doing so, our students learn as part of a caring community that fosters individual gifts and talents.

Pastoral Care at Iona underpins all facets of College life. Our Pastoral Care practices affirm that all members of the school community have the right to be treated with respect and dignity and to learn and work in a safe environment. In addition, our practices aim to foster positive relationships between all members of the College community and to promote high standards of behaviour and personal responsibility. All Iona students are expected to show respect at all times and display behaviour that reflects well on themselves, their families, the College and the wider community.

Our Pastoral Care practices are divided into three main areas: 1.The development of self 2.The development of positive relationships with others including peers, staff, parents and the wider community and 3.Community participation and involvement

Iona Presentation College prides itself on the provision of a safe learning environment that nurtures its students in a holistic way; that is, physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. In doing so, our students learn as part of a caring community that fosters individual gifts and talents. The program for each Year group is specifically designed to meet the needs of students within a specific cohort from year 7-12.


Iona students are encouraged to practise active citizenship through involvement in one or more of the clubs listed below. Service groups help students develop an understanding of the wider world and to participate in helping those less fortunate than themselves. [8]

All students participate in the Iona Care program. - Iona Care Program - Community Cook Up - Vision Generation - Young Vinnies - Young Pressies - Environment Group - Annual Appeals - Immersion Trips - Kununurra Immersion Trip - World Challenge; World Challenge is an organisation that coordinates expeditions to overseas countries to offer the students with the opportunity to provide communities with service as well as developing the student’s leadership and organisation skills. Students are able to travel to places not so fortunate as themselves and help those in need. They can involve themselves in the work required by the community and experience a cultural immersion. As well as helping those not as well of as themselves students also immerse themselves in the culture, shopping, relaxation/exploration, cooking Thai food for the previous years world challenge and tasting all the delicacies. The expedition holds great success and the students are able to develop lifelong skills as well as an appreciation for the fortunate situation they live in. Places travelled have been and not limited to Thailand, Loas, Vietnam and various other destinations.

Co-curricular activities[edit]

Students may join in any of the many cultural and music groups listed below. In music, private lessons are available in a wide range of instruments and voice training.[9]

Performing Arts College Production (performed at the Regal Theatre, Subiaco), IGSSA Dance, Interhouse Dance, Interhouse Drama, Junior Production, Performing Arts Festival and Youth on Health Festival

Music Symphony Orchestra, Concert Band, Flute Ensemble, Guitar Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, Swing Out Sisters, Junior Choir, Senior Choir, Chorale, String Quartet, Rock Band, String Ensemble, Rock Band and Blues Band

Other Apex Fashion Awards, Debating- Iona Presentation College and St Hilda's annual debating, Da Vinci Decathlon, Duke of Edinburgh, Mathematics Challenge, Media Club, Mock Law Trials, Public Speaking, Community Cook Up amd Philosophon Etiquette presentation

International opportunities Opportunities are available for students to immerse themselves in different cultures through a range of exchange programs, including to Japan, France and Italy.

Presentation Annual Event Every year students are expected to attend 'Presentation Night' which is held at Perth Concert Hall. The event celebrates student achievement as well as music presentations from all year groups.


The College is a member of the Independent Girls’ Schools’ Sports Association (IGSSA) which gives girls the opportunity for competitive sport at the highest level

Iona has a solid sporting reputation and excellent programs, where students can be involved in a range of sports. The College has won the IGrs and is competitive in Athletics, Cross Country and Swimming in the IGSSA (Independent Girls’ Schools Sporting Association) competition.

Term One- Swimming, Volleyball, Tennis, Squash/Golf

Term Two- Netball, Hockey and Cross Country

Term Three- Basketball, Athletics and Soccer

Term Four- Water Polo, Softball and European Fencing


The College also competes in the IGSSA Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country competitions and is always competitive at every level. [10]

In Years 9 and 10 students may select a course in Outdoor Education, as part of their elective subjects. Both programs cover a variety of outdoor pursuits and include practical and theory lessons. To meet the course requirements, students must be proficient swimmers and be able to complete a 200m survival swim.

Students will be assessed in the following outcomes:

  • Skills for Physical Activity
  • Knowledge and Understanding
  • Self‐management skills
  • Interpersonal skills

Students will have the opportunity to develop their interpersonal skills through decisionmaking, leadership roles and discussion. They will also be encouraged to develop their selfmanagement skills. Activities and topics covered include the following:

Year 9: Body Boarding, First Aid, Fishing, High Ropes, Kayaking, Orienteering, Snorkeling, Survival Awareness, Team problem solving activities Year 10: Biking, Environmental Appreciation, Hiking and Bushwalking, Surfing, Water Rescue & Resuscitation (Bronze Star) and Camp Craft activities (minimal impact practices, tenting and camp cooking). Students are also required to attend a two day Outdoor Camp.

Student have the opportunity to go to the Swiss Alps as part of a sport program during the winter break.

Support Structure[edit]

Our Pastoral structure is horizontal by nature. This means that each Year group is divided into Form classes. Each Form class is supported by a Form teacher who meets with the girls daily. [11]

In addition, to the support provided by the Form teachers, the students are nurtured by a team of specialist staff including but not limited to:

-College Psychologists -College Nurse and medical staff -Careers and Enterprise Coordinator -Learning Enhancement and Enrichment Coordinators -Religious Education Coordinator and a -Service Learning Coordinator. -The Catholic Church sisters and priests -Year Group Programs [12]

House system[edit]

The College House system plays a significant role in the Pastoral Care of students. There are currently six houses - Moynihan (Blue), O'Dowling (Green), O'Halloran (Yellow), Treacey (Red), Columba (Purple) and Kildare (Orange).

The House system consists of a House Coordinator who works with Staff House leaders and Student Captains to ensure that all students participate in the many varied House activities. Students are provided with an array of opportunities to showcase their talents in the Performing Arts, Dance, Sport, Music, Choral Work and the Creative Arts. They also work together to foster a healthy team spirit developing strong, positive relationships with one another.

There are six Houses in the College: Columba House is named after Saint Columba, who spread the Gospel from his base on the island of Iona off Scotland.

Kildare House is named after Kildare in Ireland, from where many of the founding Sisters originated.

Moynihan House is named after Sister Columba Moynihan, one of the founding Sisters.

Treacey House is named after Mother Angela Treacey, one of the founding Sisters.

OʹHalloran House is named after Sister Paul OʹHalloran, one of the founding Sisters.

OʹDowling House is named after Sister Joseph OʹDowling, one of the founding Sisters.

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