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iOS 7
A release of the iOS operating system
IOS 7 Logo.png
IOS 7.1 homescreen.png
iOS 7 running on an iPhone.
Developer Apple Inc.
Source model Closed, with open source components
Released to
September 18, 2013; 16 months ago (2013-09-18)
Latest release All models: iOS 7.1.2 (11D257) / June 30, 2014; 6 months ago (2014-06-30)[1]
Platforms iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPod Touch (5th generation), iPad 2, iPad (3rd generation), iPad (4th generation), iPad Air, iPad Mini (1st generation), iPad Mini (2nd generation) [2]
Kernel type Hybrid (XNU) (Mostly Monolithic)
License Proprietary EULA, except for open-source components
Preceded by iOS 6
Succeeded by iOS 8
Official website Official website
Support status

iOS 7 is the seventh major release of the iOS mobile operating system designed by Apple Inc and successor of iOS 6. It was announced at the company's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 10, 2013, and was released on September 18, 2013.[3] iOS 7 features a completely redesigned user interface, a design credited to a team led by Apple's SVP of design Sir Jonathan Ive.[4]

At Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in 2014, CEO Tim Cook announced that iOS 7 was installed on 89% of all active iOS devices.[5] [6] iOS 7 was succeeded by iOS 8, which was released on September 17, 2014. The final version of iOS 7 is 7.1.2.


On June 10, 2013, iOS 7 Beta 1 was announced and released to registered developers in the iOS Developer Program after the WWDC keynote speech,[2] supporting the iPhone 4 onwards, and the iPod Touch (5th generation). iOS 7 Beta 2 was released to developers on June 24, 2013, adding support for the iPad 2 onwards, and the iPad Mini.[7][8] On September 10, 2013, at their iPhone event, Apple announced that iOS 7 would be publicly released on September 18, 2013, for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The Golden Master of iOS 7 was released shortly after the event.[3]

On March 10, 2014, Apple released iOS 7.1 to the public, this was the first significant update to the OS since it was launched in September 2013. The update landed almost 5 months since the first beta of 7.1 was made available to developers. Many improvements were made to the OS including, performance enhancements, UI tweaks and Siri enhancements. iOS 7.1 was also the first update which allowed people who were running a beta version of the OS to update over the air to the final release.


iOS 7 was unveiled during the opening keynote of the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 10, 2013. Billed as the "biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the iPhone," the most noticeable change was an overhaul of the user interface.[2] In a promotional video shown during the keynote, Ive described the update as "bringing order to complexity," highlighting features such as refined typography, new icons, translucency, layering, physics, and gyroscope-driven parallaxing as some of the major changes to the design.[2] The design of iOS 7 noticeably departs from skeuomorphic elements such as green felt in Game Center, wood in Newsstand, and leather in Calendar, in favor of flat graphic design[2] with a multi-plane 2.5D structure.[2][9][10]

iOS 7.1 brought many further design tweaks. The iOS keyboard has new Shift/Backspace key highlights, the slide-to-power-off UI has been redesigned, the Phone app has a new-look dialer, and the icons for Phone, Messages and FaceTime apps have less vibrant colors.[citation needed] It also added support for CarPlay for select iPhone models.



Main article: AirDrop

iOS 7 integrates Apple's wireless sharing feature AirDrop for the iPhone 5 onward, iPod Touch (5th generation) onward, iPad (4th generation) onward, and iPad Mini 1st generation onward.[2][10][11]

App Store[edit]

Main article: App Store

The App Store provides more search options by age range and introduces a new section called Near Me, which allows the user to find out which apps are popular in their area. The App Store also supports automatic app updates. Prior to iOS 7, the user had to initiate the update process.


The new camera interface supports the three previous photo modes (video, photo, and panoramic photo) as well as a new square photo mode. iOS 7 also offers live photo filter previewing with nine filters to choose from, as well as a new Burst mode, and 120 fps video recording (on supported devices).[2][10]

Control Center[edit]

Main article: Control Center (iOS)

The Control Center display is available by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. It provides access to settings such as airplane mode and brightness, media controls, AirPlay and AirDrop, and shortcuts to several apps including a built-in flashlight, clock, calculator, and camera.[10] Other functions offered are the ability to turn on or off Bluetooth, and Do Not Disturb; lock the screen’s orientation; play, pause, or skip a song, and see what is playing; connect to AirPlay-enabled devices; and quickly access the clock, calculator, and camera apps. Users also have access to AirDrop, previously only available on Macs and newly added in iOS 7, as a method of transferring files between iOS devices.[12]

Music and iTunes Radio[edit]

Main articles: iTunes and iTunes Radio

Along with user interface changes, the Music app also integrates Apple's iTunes Radio service, which is a free, ad-supported service available to all iTunes users, featuring Siri integration on iOS. Users are able to skip tracks, customize stations, and purchase the station's songs from the iTunes Store.[13] Users can also search through their history of previous songs.[14] The number of track skips are limited like Pandora Radio's service.[14] ITunes Match subscribers will be able to use an ad-free version of the service.[15] The service has pre-loaded stations, including a playlist of trending songs on Twitter.[14] The service also generates a radio station based on input like a single artist with songs by them and others similar.[14] The service's selection is expected to learn the user's preferences from input whether the user likes or dislikes the track.[14]

Currently, iTunes Radio is available only in the U.S. and Australia, but Apple has announced plans to offer the service in other countries at a later date.[16][17] The service is only available for iTunes, iOS, and Apple TV platforms.[14]


Main article: Multitasking (iOS)

iOS 7 builds on the limited multitasking introduced in iOS 4 and provides full multitasking for all apps. The multitasking layer also provides for background updating of apps, and previews of all running apps. The new Multitasking dock in iOS now shows a screenshot of the whole app rather than just the icon.


Main article: CarPlay

CarPlay (formerly iOS in the Car), released as part of iOS 7.1, uses Siri integration in selected car models to offer eyes-free and hands-free satellite navigation, phone, music and messages integration through the car's screen.[2] CarPlay currently supports iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, and iPhone 5S.

Other updates[edit]

There are seven dynamic wallpapers included in the operating system. All seven have "bubble" designs with different colors. The bubbles in the wallpapers move based on the device's accelerometers and gyroscope. Static wallpapers now move with the gyroscope in an effect called Parallax.

Safari in iOS 7 integrates the smart search field first used in Safari 6 for OS X and Mavericks' iCloud implementation of iCloud Keychain. Other changes include infinite tabs, parental controls, and improvements to Twitter sharing and Reading List. The tab area has also been rearranged to look at the tabs from above rather than a paged front-on view.[2][10] Siri features a new translucent redesign to match the rest of the system, new male and female voices, greater control over system settings, and Twitter, Wikipedia, Bing, and Photos integration.[2][10] The trusted devices feature alerts the user when they connect their iOS device to a new Mac/PC by asking them if they trust the current computer.[2][10] This feature is meant to prevent iOS devices from being compromised by potentially malicious software on computers or charging devices. Other changes mentioned, but not fully featured in the keynote, include audio-only calling with the new FaceTime Audio, Notification Center syncing and availability from the lock-screen, Tencent Weibo integration, Wi-Fi Hotspot 2.0, OS-level call blocking, app-specific virtual private networking (VPN), and activation locking through Find My iPhone.[2]


Users complained of decreased battery life when upgrading from iOS 7.0.6 to 7.1.[18] In lab testing, Ars Technica found some hardware models experienced minor battery depletion, while others experienced no statistically significant changes.[19]


During the iOS 7 release, fake advertisements claimed that the update would cause devices to become waterproof and that AirDrop was a mechanism for protecting the device's screen from breaking when dropped.[20][21]


iOS 7 has received generally mixed reviews.[22][23] The Nielsen Norman Group compiled a thorough User-Experience appraisal in which they summarize, "Flat design hides calls to action, and swiping around the edges can interfere with carousels and scrolling."[24] David Pogue of The New York Times however, praised iOS 7, saying that users will become accustomed to the dramatically changed interface, and will come to enjoy the utilitarian and additional Siri features. He also noted that iOS 7 was the biggest change in the current generation of iOS devices, not the iPhone 5S and 5C.[25] Darrell Etherington of TechCrunch stated that although "iOS 7 will be a dramatic change from the iOS many users already know and love, but on balance it’s an update packed with plenty of new features that make using Apple’s mobile devices easier and more enjoyable".[26]

The adoption rate of iOS 7 was reported to be as high as 35% after one day.[27] By September 22, iOS 7 was installed on more than 200 million devices, which Apple claimed was "the fastest software update in history".[28] Shortly after release, some users reported the ability to bypass their device's passcode requirement and access certain information, which Apple fixed with the 7.0.2 update.[29]

A thread on the Apple online forum received attention from the media in late September 2013 after a number of users reported feeling nauseated after experiencing the animations of the new operating system. George Kikano of Case Medical Center stated that the new "parallax" function of iOS 7 is causing the symptoms in some users, and not the animations as previously thought.[30][31]

However, many critics noted the influence of competing mobile platforms on the design and functionality of iOS 7. Of note were the use of concepts from Android and Windows Phone, such as a similarly minimal and typographic design, Control Center being an equivalent to similar settings toggles on the notification shade of Android, a similar multitasking menu to WebOS, and even the design of the Weather app being almost identical to those on Windows 8 and HTC Sense. Sascha Segan of PC Magazine stated that "Apple's brilliance is in putting the pieces together and marketing them. Apple's developer APIs and its history of making money for developers still reigns supreme—there's less piracy than on Android, and a bigger audience and more design flexibility than on Windows Phone."[32][33]

Version history: portable iOS devices[edit]

Main article: History of iOS

Apple announced iOS 7 on June 10, 2013 at its annual Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) event, with release announced for sometime in the Fall (Northern Hemisphere) or Spring (Southern Hemisphere) 2013. At their iPhone event on September 10, 2013, Apple announced the full release of iOS 7 for September 18, 2013, while also unveiling two new iPhone models: the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S.[3] With this release, support was once again dropped for older devices, specifically the iPhone 3GS and the iPod Touch (4th generation). Supported devices on this release include the iPhone 4 onwards, iPod Touch (5th generation), the iPad 2 onwards, and the iPad Mini (1st generation) onwards.[10]

Table of versions: iOS 7.x – iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
Version Build Baseband Release date Features
iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPod Touch (5th generation), iPad 2, iPad (3rd generation), iPad (4th generation), iPad Air, iPad Mini (1st generation), and iPad Mini (2nd generation)




04.12.09 P4 S2C

3.0.04 P4C S2D
5.0.00 P4S
4.0.01 S3D S3L
5.00.01 P5 S4L S4D M1C
1.00.06 P5C P5S S5L S5D M2C

September 18, 2013; 16 months ago (2013-09-18)
  • Flat design and move away from skeuomorphism in general (exceptions exist - for a move towards more skeuomorphism, see for example the Countdown with a new skeuomorphic 3D animation of a spinning wheel).
  • System Helvetica Neue Regular font.
  • Full Screen apps that make use of the system status bar and navigation bar.
  • Translucent design in tab bar, navigation bar, status bar, system keyboard, Control Center, and Notification Center (some translucent layers not on devices without the Lightning connector).
  • Opaque design in Alert view, Action Sheet and Share Sheet.
  • Borderless buttons in general.
  • Back navigation gesture by swiping from left edge of the screen.
  • New UI for arranging tab-bar icons.
  • System-wide dynamic font size, configurable in Settings.
  • Enhance the viewing experience of non-iPad apps on iPad 2 and iPad mini, remove the 1x and 2x toggle, apps are opened in ’2x’ mode by default on iPad 2 and mini.
  • Home Screen
  • Spotlight Search is now accessible on each screen by pulling it down.
  • "New" banner on newly installed apps have been replaced with blue dots.
  • Brand new icons for built-in apps.
  • Newsstand is now a dedicated app instead of a folder.
  • Control Center
  • A unified screen to quickly access toggles and controls for system settings and services, and for using AirDrop and AirPlay.
  • System wide, accessible by swiping upward from the bottom of the screen.
  • Accessible in the lock screen.
  • Flashlight (device-specific features that come with physical camera) toggle button.
  • Landscape support.
  • A grabber in full screen apps.
  • Mute/silent toggle button in iPad.
  • Integrates Apple's ad-hoc Wi-Fi sharing feature AirDrop (iPhone 5 and later, iPod Touch (5th generation) and later, iPad (4th generation) and later, and iPad Mini (1st generation) and later).
  • Alert view, for receive invitation from other devices, option to accept/cancel.
  • Options to set discoverable: Off/Contacts only/Everyone.
  • Inter-app Audio
  • Register audio streams to share with other apps.
  • Provides for MIDI control of audio rendering, remotely launching other registered Inter-App Audio apps.
  • Notification Center
  • Accessible in the lock screen.
  • Today tab, for previewing the events calendar, stocks, and tomorrows events; provides traffic info on frequently visited places.
  • Missed filter: can filter list to see notifications that occurred when phone was not actively in use.
  • Bounces when swiped down quickly.
  • Folders
  • Unlimited number of apps via folder subpages.
  • Newsstand app can now be moved inside any folder.
  • Transparent background.
  • Folders change color when apps are downloading and clock-like animated progress graphic is superimposed over folders that have actively downloading apps.
  • Alert
  • A countdown for snooze.
  • Calculator
  • New feedback when pressing a key.
  • Toggle landscape mode button.
  • Spotlight
  • Accessible on every page of the Home screen by swiping downward from anywhere.
  • New animation.
  • Multitasking
  • Redesigned switcher, with horizontal scrolling for previewing all running apps, and swipe upward gesture to stop any running apps.
  • Can close multiple apps simultaneously by swiping with multiple fingers.
  • Landscape switcher.
  • Background App Refresh; fetches data in the background based on network connectivity and user habits.
  • Use apps while the app is updating.
  • Wallpapers
  • Weather
  • Dynamic animation for different weathers (iPhone 4S and later and iPod Touch (5th generation)).P4S, P5, P5C, P5S, T5
  • Shows sunrise/sunset humidity, chance of precipitation, and wind speed.
  • Can see multiple locations simultaneously when the menu icon is selected.
  • Can select GPS icon at bottom to immediately see weather for current location.
  • Phone
  • Block list.
  • Contact pictures on Favorites.
  • Transparency in the number pad button when pressing.
  • Phone History and Voicemail Info options allow one to return the call in multiple ways including call back, FaceTime and Messaging.
  • New fields in Contacts: "Add Social Profile", and "Add Instant Message".
  • "Chat", "FaceTime", "Mail" buttons next to the contact information; no longer need to scroll down to the bottom.
  • Send contacts through AirDrop.
  • FaceTime Audio.
  • Block list.
  • A dedicated app on the iPhone, like the previous version on iPod Touch and iPad.
  • Long SMS.
  • Block list.
  • No longer have to scroll to the top to access "Call", "FaceTime", and "Info".
  • Contact pictures in group chats.
  • Ability to see exact time of when each message was sent by dragging conversation bubbles to the left.
  • Event and address detection in the message context, tap to open in Calendar and Maps.
  • A contact with a nickname will appear in Messages under the nickname, rather than the full name.
  • New animation when compressing video to be shared.
  • Full screen browsing in portrait mode (previously only available in landscape).
  • Unified text field for both URL and search.
  • Bookmarked website thumbnail icons appear when text field is activated.
  • Top-hit, Google suggest, Bookmarks, and History appear on the unified text field while typing.
  • Preview tabs on iPhone and iPod Touch are no longer limited to 8.
  • Preview tabs use new 3D vertical animation for previewing the opened tabs; long press to edit positions, swipe to remove.
  • Reading List shows website thumbnails on the right.
  • Scrolls articles one-by-one vertically from Reading List, as per OS X Mavericks.
  • Swipe gestures for back/previous history, as per OS X.
  • Parental controls.
  • Private button: enables "Do not track me." feature per website within the app. Previously, configuration appeared in Settings for every website.
  • Recent links: a reading list of all user's friends on Facebook or Twitter post.
  • Reading List button: new round glasses icon pays tribute to Steve Jobs.
  • The .com button removed and replaced with a simple period button. The .com, .net, and .org domain extensions can be accessed by holding down on the button.
  • Bookmarks/Reading List/Shared Links tabs re-ordered/slightly tweaked.
  • Bolder loading bar, private browsing UI tweaks and tab/bookmark changes on the iPad .
  • Photo Stream video support, and more than one contributor per photo stream.
  • Notification Sync across different iCloud devices.
  • Automatic Day/Night Mode that responds to ambient light and current time to switch between day and night color schemes.
  • Turn-by-turn walking directions, with estimated time.
  • Maps bookmarks syncing.
  • Receives notification data sent from the new Maps app in OS X Mavericks (version 10.9).
  • A live compass at the right top corner.
  • Clock
  • App icon reflects the live time.
  • Timer shows in the lock screen.
  • City shows how many hours ahead/behind from your current location.
  • Music
  • New iTunes Radio service.
  • Scrub along the song to get to a certain part directly from the lock screen.
  • Download full albums from iCloud from iTunes Match.
  • Tapping a song in the Now-Playing screen allows users to rate.
  • Cover Flow: Instead of swiping though individual albums, one can now swipe through multiple albums.
  • Reintroduced on-screen lyrics for iPads (this feature was absent in iOS 5 and iOS 6).
  • Slider/discovery feature.
  • Automatic app updates: switch to enable/disable in Settings, under iTunes, App Store.
  • New catalogues for kids based on their age.
  • Genius tab replaced with "Apps Near Me" tab for app recommendations based on user's location.
  • Volume purchase.
  • Search tab redesigned, the number of results appears on the right of the search field.
  • Circular download progress animation during downloading/updating in Home Screen.
  • Add to wish list.
  • It is now possible to download older versions of apps (the last compatible version supported by the device legacy firmware).
  • iTunes
  • Smart download of TV episodes.
  • Photos
  • Albums are organized by Places, Moments, and Years, using the EXIF data as the base of the collection.
  • Share Sheet shares photos to iCloud, social networks, and AirDrop (if available).
  • New default album "Panorama Photos".
  • Camera
  • Control redesign: swipe horizontally to select the still images, videos, square photos, and Panorama modes (if available).
  • Live image filters. P4S, P5, P5C, P5S, T5
  • SDK for 60 FPS video recording.
  • Pinch to zoom while video recording.
  • Redeem iTunes gift card using front camera.
  • Panorama reduces when battery is low.[clarification needed]
  • Slow motion video recording at 120 frames per second.P5S
  • Burst mode. P5, P5C, P5S
  • High-dynamic-range imaging (HDR) for iPad.
  • New layout for Calendar list view on the iPhone.
  • Years view.
  • Week view.
  • Integration with Mail.
  • Integration with Maps, users are notified with transit information when entering places information.
  • Can now hide or show declined events.
  • Will support custom calendar colors.
  • All Day toggle on the Add Event Screen instead of buried in the Select Time control.
  • Can snooze or View Event when an Event Reminder appears.
  • Can set up a second alert time for an event.
  • Can change Busy/Free Status.
  • Selecting the name of the calendar month shows the monthly calendar.
  • Secure game scores.
  • Authenticated players.
  • Turn-based game modes.
  • Ranking-style leader boards.
  • Compass
  • View PDF annotation.
  • New smart mailboxes.
  • Improved Mail search.
  • Hotmail is now Outlook when adding an account, using new Outlook icon.
  • Flagged, Unread, To or CC, Attachments, All drafts, All sent, All Trash smart mailboxes.
  • Shake to Undo to un-archive something.
  • When emailing a passbook pass, it appears as a pass.
  • New animation when compressing video to be shared.
  • New animation when moving mail into a folder.
  • When selecting a target folder while moving an email, an iconic image of the email above the folder selector appears.
  • Have the ability to move an email to Junk folder when flagging.
  • New Print option available when Reply option is selected.
  • New design, mostly white.
  • No longer change fonts in Notes.
  • Can AirDrop notes.
  • Settings
  • Per app cellular data usage permission.
  • Per app using microphone privacy permission.
  • Per app using camera privacy permission.
  • Password required to reset networking and contents.
  • Accessibility
  • Head movement detection for different gestures.
  • China features
  • Tencent Weibo social network integration.
  • Chinese-English bilingual dictionary.
  • Improved Chinese input including T9 keyboard for pinyin (Added in Beta 4), and handwriting recognition for multiple Chinese characters.
  • Updated voices, and a new male voice (in select regions/languages). English (US), French, and German will be available with the launch of iOS 7 (additional languages will be added over time).
  • Controls certain system settings, such as turning on/off Bluetooth, and changing display brightness.
  • Search from Wikipedia and Bing search engines.
  • Post to Sina Weibo.
  • Search tweets on Twitter.
  • Option to open MLB scores in the At Bat app.
  • Navigation, access and voice are more natural.
  • Geofencing.
  • Ability to create repeating reminders has been removed.
  • Find My iPhone
  • Activation Lock: re-activation with iCloud account if the device have been wiped remotely using Find My iPhone service, to prevent unauthorized usage of the lost device.
  • Password required to disable.
  • Enterprise
  • Enterprise single sign-on.
  • Per app VPN.
  • Managed app config, for more efficiently deploying and managing of iPhones and iPads.
  • Accessories
  • Unauthorized Lightning cables are blocked and can no longer be used.[34]
  • Set up and configure Wi-Fi accessories, such as AirPlay speakers.
  • iBeacons, a new class of Bluetooth LE low-powered, low-cost transmitters that can notify devices of other nearby devices/services.
  • Bluetooth LE profiles; including time, notifications, keyboards, and stereo sound.
  • MFi game controllers.
  • Screenshot
  • No longer included in the AssistiveTouch, they appear on the layer of the image.
  • Trusted Devices
  • User is warned when plugging their iOS device into their Mac/PC, "Trust the currently connected computer? Trusting this computer will allow it to have full access to your device and all of its data."
  • Voice Memo
  • New design.
  • Save to iCloud.
  • Share using AirDrop.
  • Status bar
  • Translucent design.
  • 1xRTT icon on CDMA iPhones changed from "o" icon to "1x" icon.
  • GPRS icon on GSM iPhones changed from "o" icon to "GPRS" icon.
  • Dots representations for cellular signal strength.
  • Icon size slightly increased for better readability on the lock screen.
  • Lock screen
  • Charging the battery: rather than battery image on the lock screen, x% charged briefly appears under the clock, then reverts to the date.
  • Access to Notification Center and Control Center.
  • When playing music, the lock screen will now display the time.
  • iPad has Camera control on the lock screen, like the previous version on iPhone and iPod touch.
  • Timer counting down is shown when the device is locked.
  • Scrubbing bar is now displayed on the lock screen.
  • Wi-Fi
  • New Wi-Fi diagnostics mode.
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot 2.0.
  • Other
  • New first-time setup menus.
  • Add Passcode Lock during Setup Assistant.
  • Vimeo and Flickr social network integrations.
  • Italian, Korean, and Dutch dictionaries.
  • New fade animation when pressing the power button.
  • Touch ID.P5S
  • New ringtones and system sounds. iOS 6 ringtones and system sounds are moved to a menu called "Classic".


11A470a 1.00.06 P5C P5S September 19, 2013; 16 months ago (2013-09-19) iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S only

Bug fixes

  • Fixes a bug with the Touch ID sensor on the iPhone 5S.
  • Fixes a bug with the App Store purchases system.


11A501 04.12.09 P4 S2C

3.0.04 P4C S2D
5.0.00 P4S
4.0.01 S3D S3L
5.00.01 P5 S4L S4D M1C
1.00.06 P5C P5S S5L S5D M2C

September 26, 2013; 15 months ago (2013-09-26) Bug fixes
  • Fixes bugs that could allow someone to bypass the Lock screen passcode.


  • Reintroduces a Greek keyboard option for passcode entry.


11B511 04.12.09 P4 S2C

3.0.04 P4C S2D
5.0.02 P4S
4.1.02 S3D S3L
5.02.00 P5 S4L S4D M1C
1.02.02 P5C P5S S5L S5D M2C

October 22, 2013; 15 months ago (2013-10-22)

Bug fixes

  • Updates lock screen to delay display of 'slide to unlock' when Touch ID is in use. P5S
  • Fixes iMessage bugs where messages failed to send and iMessage failed to activate.
  • Improves system stability for iWork app.
  • Fixes accelerometer calibration issue.
  • Fixes a bug where Siri or VoiceOver used a lower voice.
  • Fixes bug that could allow someone to bypass the Lock screen passcode.
  • Fixes a bug that caused VoiceOver input to be too sensitive.
  • Fixes a bug that caused supervised devices to become unsupervised when updating software.


  • Adds iCloud Keychain for website login & Wi-Fi network passwords, credit/debit card management, and other account info.
  • Adds Password Generator in Safari for generating unique, hard-to-guess passwords.
  • Adds back web search and Wikipedia search in Spotlight.
  • Updates the bold text setting to change dial pad text.


11B554a 04.12.09 P4 S2C

3.0.04 P4C S2D
5.0.02 P4S
4.1.02 S3D S3L
5.02.00 P5 S4L S4D M1C
1.03.01 P5C P5S S5L S5D M2C

November 14, 2013; 14 months ago (2013-11-14) Bug fixes
  • Bug fixes and improvements, including a fix for an issue that causes FaceTime calls to fail for some users.


11B601 1.03.02 P5C P5S January 29, 2014; 11 months ago (2014-01-29) iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S only

Bug fixes

  • Corrects network provisioning for some iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S models sold in China.


11B651 04.12.09 P4 S2C

3.0.04 P4C S2D
5.0.02 P4S
4.1.02 S3D S3L
5.02.00 P5 S4L S4D M1C
1.03.02 P5C P5S S5L S5D M2C

February 21, 2014; 11 months ago (2014-02-21) Bug fixes
  • Fix CVE-2014-1266, a bug in Secure Transport that can cause it to fail to properly authenticate a SSL/TLS connection.


04.12.09 P4 S2C

3.0.04 P4C S2D
5.2.00 P4S
4.1.02 S3D S3L
6.02.00 P5 S4L S4D M1C
2.18.02 P5C P5S S5L S5D M2C

March 10, 2014; 10 months ago (2014-03-10)
  • Providing iOS control to in-car control systems on some car models by selected vendors from 2014.
  • Includes Siri integration (eyes-free/hands-free modes), satellite navigation, telephony, music, and iMessage integration.
  • iOS experience designed for the car (iPhone 5 and later).
  • Works by connecting a Lightning enabled iPhone to a CarPlay enabled vehicle.
  • Supports Phone, Messages, Maps, and audio apps (inc. Music and third-party).

  • Manually control when Siri listens by holding down the Home button while you speak, then releasing it when you're finished.
  • New, more natural sounding male and female voices for Chinese, UK English, Australian English, and Japanese.

  • Search field above Featured Stations to create stations based on Artist or Song.
  • Buy albums directly from the Now Playing screen.
  • Accessibility
  • Bold font option now includes the keyboard, calculator, and many icon glyphs.
  • Reduce Motion option now includes Weather, Messages, and multitasking UI animations.
  • New options to display button shapes, darken app colors, and reduce white point.
  • Calendar
  • Option to display event list with the month view.
  • Country specific holidays automatically added for many countries.
  • List view has been redesigned.
  • UI
  • Camera app has a new "HDR Auto" feature.P5S
  • Photos & Camera tab in iOS Settings has a new "Upload Burst Photos" option.
  • You can disable Parallax effect independently of other animations when setting up wallpaper.
  • Notification Center now displays "No Notifications" and "No Missed Notifications" for the "All" and "Missed" sections respectively when there are no notifications.
  • Caller ID photos: no longer full screen, instead small circle portrait for incoming/outgoing calls.[35]
  • New Yahoo logo, in both Notification Center and the Weather and Stocks apps.
  • A new dialogue "Touch ID requires your passcode when iPhone restarts" when restarting.P5S
  • New iPad wallpapers.
  • "Touch ID and Passcode" has been moved-up to the main menu in Settings.
  • Animations and transitions are noticeably faster.
  • Keyboard has new Shift/Backspace key highlights.
  • Control Center has a new "spring" animation upon opening.
  • Control Center sliders — volume and brightness — have momentum.
  • Icons for Phone, Messages and FaceTime apps have less vibrant colors.
  • Music app: Albums now in descending order when browsing by Artist.
  • The buttons are circular in shape and do not show the word of what the icon means.
    • The Phone and FaceTime app have a new-look dialer.
    • The slide-to-power-off UI has been redesigned; the shape of the slider is circular and the thing that says "slide to power off" is oval in shape. Same with the "slide to answer" slider in the Phone and FaceTime apps.
  • Bug Fixes/Improvements
  • Fixes a home screen crash bug.
  • Fixes display of Mail unread badge for numbers greater than 10,000.
  • iCloud Keychain support in additional countries.
  • FaceTime call notifications, automatically clear when call answered on another device.
  • iBeacon improvements.[36]
  • Patches 41 security exploits, including those used by the Evasi0n 7 jailbreak. This firmware, along with iOS 7.1.1 and 7.1.2 can be jailbroken via the Pangu jailbreak.[37]
  • Reduce Motion function in Settings app is introduced. This function reduces the motion of the UI and disables the parallax effects.
  • Removes the infamous "black screen of death (BkSoD)" and "White screen of death (WSoD)" that appeared in iOS 7.0.x.
  • Stability and Performance
  • Improved performance on iPhone 4.
  • Software Update
  • First update to iOS that beta versions can update over-the-air to the final release.
  • Issues
  • Touch ID fingerprint recognition is disabled; and rebooting, turning Touch ID on and off, or even restoring or resetting the device do not solve the problem.P5S


11D201 04.12.09 P4 S2C

3.0.04 P4C S2D
5.2.00 P4S
4.1.02 S3D S3L
6.02.00 P5 S4L S4D M1C
2.18.02 P5C P5S S5L S5D M2C

April 22, 2014; 9 months ago (2014-04-22)

Bug fixes

  • Stability and performance
  • Fixes a bug which disabled Touch ID in iOS 7.1.P5S
  • Fixes a bug that could impact keyboard responsiveness
  • Fixes the 1 stuck in Settings app when updating the lastest version of IOS
  • Fixes an issue when using Bluetooth keyboards with VoiceOver enabled[38]


11D257 04.12.09 P4 S2C

3.0.04 P4C S2D
5.2.00 P4S
4.1.02 S3D S3L
6.02.00 P5 S4L S4D M1C
2.18.02 P5C P5S S5L S5D M2C

June 30, 2014; 6 months ago (2014-06-30)

Final release supported on iPhone 4.

Bug fixes, security update

  • Bug Fixes/Improvements
  • Improves iBeacon connectivity and stability
  • Fixes a bug with data transfer for some 3rd party accessories, including bar code scanners
  • Corrects an issue with data protection class of Mail attachments[39]
Version Build Baseband Release date Features

Version history: Apple TV (2nd generation) onwards[edit]

Table of versions: iOS 7.x – Apple TV (2nd generation) onwards
iOS version Apple TV Software Build Release date Features


6.0 11A470e/11A502 September 23, 2013
  • iTunes Radio
  • Create your own radio stations and listen to them ad-free with iTunes Match (US and Australia only).
  • iTunes Store
  • Browse, purchase, and play music directly from the iTunes Store.
  • iCloud Photos
  • Adds support for playing video from a shared Photo Stream and viewing Photo Streams from multiple contributors.
  • AirPlay from iCloud
  • Apple TV will play content from iTunes In The Cloud instead of your AirPlay device when possible (requires iOS 7 on AirPlay device).
  • Podcasts
  • Sync your podcasts and podcast stations across Apple TV and all your iOS devices.
  • iMovie Theater
  • Stream your iMovie creations instantly in high definition from iCloud (requires latest version of iMovie for iOS or Mac and an iCloud account).
  • Subtitles & Captioning
  • Automatic subtitle selection based on Apple TV language setting, with customizable closed caption style.
  • Conference Room Display
  • Lock Apple TV into Conference Room Display (for business and education environments) and show onscreen instructions for using AirPlay.
  • Software update
  • Keep your Apple TV always up to date by automatically installing software updates when available.
  • Setup
  • Use an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch with iOS 7 to automatically transfer network settings, your Apple ID, and language preferences to Apple TV (3rd generation) (not available on iPhone 4 or iPad 2).

Third-party US-only content added on September 26, 2013 without a software update: Major League Soccer (MLS) and Disney Junior.[40][41]

iMovie Theater app was added on October 22, 2013 without a software update.[42]


6.0.1 11B511d October 25, 2013
  • Stability and performance
  • Includes general performance and stability improvements.[43]


6.0.2 11B554a/11B651 November 14, 2013
  • Stability and performance
  • Includes general performance and stability improvements.[43]
  • Security (11B651 build only)
  • Provides a fix for SSL connection verification.


6.1 11D169b March 10, 2014; 10 months ago (2014-03-10)
  • Main menu
  • Includes ability to make hiding channels easier[43]
  • AirPlay
  • Security option to require that iOS devices or Macs be verified with a one-time, onscreen code before using AirPlay (requires iOS 7.1 or later on an iOS device or a Mac with OS X 10.9.2 or later).[43]
  • Adds support to allow an AirPlay device to discover Apple TV over Bluetooth in environments where multicast or Bonjour traffic is blocked on the network or the AirPlay device is on a different subnet.[43]
  • Remote app
  • View your purchased TV Shows and Movies in the Remote app and tap to play them instantly on Apple TV.[43]
  • Create and play iTunes Radio stations (requires Remote app version 4.2 or later).[43]
  • Stability and performance
  • Includes bug fixes, general performance and stability improvements.[43]


6.1.1 11D201c April 22, 2014; 9 months ago (2014-04-22)
  • Stability and performance
  • Includes general performance and stability improvements.[43]


6.2 11D257c June 30, 2014; 6 months ago (2014-06-30)
  • Stability and performance
  • Includes general performance and stability improvements.[43]
  • iTunes Extras
  • Added ability to explore deleted scenes, photos, cast and crew, and more with select iTunes movie purchases. (Only available for HD purchases)[43][edit]

6.2.1 11D258 September 17, 2014; 4 months ago (2014-09-17)

Final release supported on Apple TV (2nd generation)

Apple TV (2nd generation) only

  • Stability and performance
  • Includes general performance and stability improvements.[43]
iOS Version Apple TV Software Build Release date Features

Supported devices[edit]

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