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Iota Ceti (ι Cet, ι Ceti) is a star in the constellation Cetus. It has the traditional name Deneb Kaitos Shemali. The name was from the Arabic word ذنب الشمالي - ðánab al-shamāliyy, meaning the northern tail of the sea monster.

In Chinese, 天倉 (Tiān Cāng), meaning Square Celestial Granary, refers to an asterism consisting of ι Ceti, η Ceti, θ Ceti, ζ Ceti, τ Ceti and 57 Ceti.[1] Consequently, ι Ceti itself is known as 天倉一 (Tiān Cāng yī, English: the First Star of Square Celestial Granary.)[2]


Iota Ceti belongs to spectral class K1.5III and has apparent magnitude +3.56. It is approximately 290 light years from Earth.


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