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Iotapa or Iotape was the name of various queens and princesses who lived in between the 2nd century BC, 1st century BC, 1st century and 2nd century. They can refer to:

A seemingly unrelated woman:

A number of relatives:


  • Iotapa is also the original name of the historical port city Aytap, in Turkey

Family Tree of the Royal Family of Commagene[edit]

Artavasdes I of
Media Atropatene
Mithridates III of Commagene
Aka II of Commagene
Antiochus III
Iotapa of Commagene
Iotapa of Emesa
Sampsiceramus II
Antiochus IV
Julia Iotapa
of Commagene
Aristobulus Minor
Gaius Julius Alexander
Julia Iotapa of Cetis
Gaius Julius Quadratus Bassus
Julia Iotapa

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