Iowa State Myths and Legends

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There are many myths and legends rumored to be associated with Iowa State University. They celebrated with tours that are given each year at Haunted Iowa State, a week or two before Halloween.

Memorial Union[edit]

Hortense Wind[edit]

Known to make a strange noise that sounds like a low eerie moan. She is also is blamed for many odd occurrences such as: the slamming of doors at night when nobody else is in the building.


It is a well known superstition that you do not step on the Zodiac in the entrance of the Memorial Union, or you will fail your next test.

Barton Hall[edit]

Barton hall is said to be haunted by the ghost of Clara Barton, the founder of the American Red Cross. She is said to be a "nice" ghost, however.

Freeman Hall[edit]

Freeman hall, much like Barton, is said to be haunted by the ghost of Alice Freeman, who is also a "nice" ghost.

Friley Hall[edit]

"Mr. Big" is said to haunt the halls of Friley through means of strange sounds and cool drafts. It is said that he was chased throughout the building by guards wearing a cape and a top hat from 1 a.m. until the guards lost his trace and were tired. They then looked through a small hole in the brick of an old, closed off incinerator room. They saw an outline of the man of his size wearing a cape and a top hat on the wall of the isolated room, and on the wall next to him "I am Big" was written.

Linden Hall[edit]

Linden Hall is haunted by the ghost of an ex-Cyclone football player. He is in his full game day gear and can be spotted the night before a home football game, prepared to play the next day.

Iowa State Cemetery[edit]

The Iowa State cemetery has had many accounts of faint outlines that look like an isolated mist in the shape of a person over the years.

Nuclear Engineering Building[edit]

The Nuclear Engineering Building is said to be haunted by the ghost of Joseph Keichel, who died of radiation poisoning in 1946, shortly after his stint working on the Manhattan Project in the Ames Laboratory. Although the actual cause of the poisoning is inconclusive, he blames graduate students and continues to haunt them by thwarting their projects in the Nuclear Engineering Building.

Farm House[edit]

Turning on and off of lights have been reported, along with rattling of dressers.

Fisher Theater[edit]

Frederica Shattuck died in 1969 and haunted the Shattuck Theatre. Her ghost then moved to Iowa State Center|Fisher Theater in 1973 with the theater program, along with her wheelchair and a few of her other belongings. According the Iowa State Daily in an article in 1978, a member of the cast investigated some strange noises, and found her wheelchair mysteriously rolled to the middle of the stage as if Shattuck was about to give a monologue.