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left to right: Rauf Jordan, Lawrence Arnold, Wiz
Background information
Origin Farnborough, Hampshire, UK
Genres Rock
Punk Rock
Alt Rock
Years active 2002-2008
Labels Boss Tuneage
Website miseryandvomit.com
Members Wiz
Lawrence Arnold
Rauf Jordan
Past members Simon Dorey
Gerry Bryant
Darren "Paddy" Thorpe

Ipanema were a British three piece rock band from Farnborough, Hampshire. They released two singles, one mini album and one full length album. The band finished and released its final recording in January 2008.


Early days[edit]

Ipanema was formed in early 2002 from the debris of the much revered globe-trotting band Mega City Four and Farnborough band Serpico. The band's original line-up consisted of Wiz (Vocals, Guitar), Simon Dorey (Bass), Paddy (Drums).

"Baseball Bat"[edit]

The band recorded their debut double a-side single, "Je Suis Un Baseball Bat/Skull" with producer Chris Potter in 2003 which was released on the Boss Tuneage record label on both CD and Vinyl formats.

In August 2003 after the single was recorded Simon decided to leave the band. Colin Renton from local band Melaleuca temporarily stepped in but left after 6 weeks. He was replaced by ex-Mega City Four bassist Gerry Bryant who Wiz asked to fill in for a while. Gerry subsequently decided to stay on.[1] Later in October 2003 the track "Skull" was included on the compilation album "Public Service Broadcast #1" on the SmallTown America record label.[2]

In late 2004, original drummer Paddy also left the band. He was initially replaced by Jamie Johnson from Servo. However Jamie left the band shortly after joining. Wiz and Gerry then auditioned several drummers until they finally decided on Lawrence Arnold. They then began rehearsal of tracks for a new recording (The tracks were written prior to Simon and Paddy leaving).

Ipanema 2004 - Left To Right, Wiz, Lawrence, Gerry

Me Me Me[edit]

At the beginning of 2005, the band went into Stakeout Studios with producer Jason Wilson to record their first album entitled Me Me Me. The title was taken from a song that Wiz had written that did not make the final record (Wiz used the title of a personal blog Simon wrote some years before). A video was also filmed and produced by Karina Fraser in the band's rehearsal studios "The Rooms" in North Camp for the song "Nervosa" which was included on the album. The album was released in the latter half of 2005 the band went on tour in the UK, France and Spain to promote it.

Early in 2006, Gerry decided to leave the band due to other work commitments shortly before another tour of France was scheduled. Lawrence suggested that a friend (Rauf Jordan) might be able to fill in and after several quickly booked rehearsals they were back on track for the tour. After the tour it was decided that Rauf would remain on as bassist.[3]

On return from France the band continued to write new material for the planned new album to be released early in 2007. After demoing nine songs for the planned album they took a break from writing and went on a tour of the East Coast of the USA in September.

On returning from the tour of the United States, Wiz collapsed at a band rehearsal. It was announced on 7 December 2006 that Wiz had died at St Georges Hospital, Tooting, South London from a blood clot on the brain the previous day.[4]

2007 - 2008[edit]

After Wiz's death the remaining members of the band decided to finish the work they had started for the new album in honour of Wiz's memory using the demos they had recorded before the USA tour. The previous year the band had talked about a split single with French band Atomic Garden for which each band would record one new song and one cover of the other band's music.[5] They decided to go ahead with this and the single was released on 7 July 2007.[6] The band finished working on their final release in early January 2008 and the anthology simply titled "Ipanema" was released on 18 January 2008. Since playing with Ipanema, Lawrence and Rauf continue to perform in the bands I Plead Irony, The Fins and Atomic Garden


Band members[edit]

  • Wiz - Guitars, Vocals (2002–2006)
  • Lawrence Arnold - Drums (2004–2006)
  • Rauf Jordan - Bass, Backing Vocals (2006)
  • Gerry Bryant - Bass, Backing Vocals (2003–2006)
  • Simon Dorey - Bass (2002–2003)
  • Darren "Paddy" Thorpe - Drums (2002–2004)


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