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For the Sprint Nextel affiliate, see iPCS

The ipcs command will list System V InterProcess Communication System's API kernel entities to stdout. System V IPC kernel entities are:


The ipcs command is provided by the util-linux package.


ipcs - provide information on ipc facilities


ipcs [ -asmq ] [ -tclup ] ipcs [ -smq ] -i id ipcs -h


ipcs provides information on the ipc facilities for which the calling process has read access.

The -i option allows a specific resource id to be specified. Only information on this id will be printed.

Resources may be specified as follows:

  • -m (shared memory segments)
  • -q (message queues)
  • -s (semaphore arrays)
  • -a (all (this is the default))

The output format may be specified as follows:

  • -t (time)
  • -p (pid)
  • -c (creator)
  • -l (limits)
  • -u (summary)

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  • ipcs(8): provide information on ipc facilities – Linux Administration and Privileged Commands Manual