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Coordinates: 23°21′01″S 47°41′19″W / 23.35028°S 47.68861°W / -23.35028; -47.68861

Coat of arms
Map of the state of São Paulo, Brazil pointing Iperó
State: São Paulo
Meso-region: Paulista Macro-Metropolitan Meso-Region
Microrregions: Sorocaba
Founded: March 21, 1964
Location: 23.35/23°28'14" S, 47.69/47°44'5" W
Area: 171.44 km²
Population: 22,390 (2004)
Ranked 273rd
Population density: 130.6/km²
Elevation: 590 m
Postal code: 18560-xxx
Area/distance code: (00)55-15
Climate: Subtropical
Name of inhabitants or denomym: Iperoense
Website: www.ipero.sp.gov.br
Population Statistics
Urban: 12,649
Rural: 5,735
Literacy rate: 91.8%

Iperó is a municipality in the state of São Paulo in Brazil. Its latitude is 23.35/23°28'14" S and the longitude is 46.69/47°44'05" W. The population in 2004 was 22,390 and the area is 171.44 km². The elevation is 590 m. The Rio Sorocaba flows near Iperó and is accessed with the highway known as the SP-280.

Population history[edit]

Year Population Change Density
2001 18,384 - 107.57/km²
2004 16,030 2,354 or 12.8% 130.6/km²


According to the 2000 IBGE Census, the population was 18,384, of which 12,649 are urban and 5,735 are rural. Its life expectancy for the city was 72.42 years. The literacy rate was at 91.8%.


A touristic point, marks the history of Fundição Ipanema.

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