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Ipswich Motorway
Ipswich Motorway.jpg
General information
Type Motorway
Length 21 km (13 mi)
Route number(s)
  • M2
  • (Warrego Highway to Logan Motorway)
  • M7
  • (Logan Motorway to Ipswich Road)
route number
  • Metroad 2
  • National Highway 15
Major junctions
NE end Ipswich Road
Rocklea, Brisbane
SW end
Major suburbs / towns Oxley, Darra, Wacol, Gailes, Goodna
Highway system
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The M7 runs from the junction of Ipswich Road and Granard Road to the M2 Logan Motorway interchange. It is then signed M2 until the junction of the Warrego Highway and the Cunningham Highway between Brisbane and Ipswich in South East Queensland, Australia.

It initially passes through the suburbs of Rocklea, Oxley and Darra in south west Brisbane before reaching the eastern suburbs of Ipswich such as Redbank Plains, Goodna and Riverview. The Motorway is directly connected to the M5 Centenary Motorway at Darra and the M2 Logan Motorway at Gailes. In 2008, it was estimated that 80,000 cars use the road daily.[1] In late 2010, this figure had risen to close to 100,000 vehicles per day.[2] In 2002, the morning peak traffic volume was greatest between 7:00 am and 8:00 am. By 2008, the morning peak traffic volume peaked between the hours of 5:00 am and 6:00 am.

The motorway was formed from the original Ipswich Road/Cunningham Arterial Road, which was upgraded during the 1980s and 1990s to form a grade-separated motorway-grade route. The Ipswich Motorway was commissioned on 17 May 1994.


In 2003, planning for an upgrade of the entire road began.[3] The road was identified in the South East Queensland Infrastructure Plan and Program as one requiring urgent attention. An upgrade was needed to improve safety and relieve traffic congestion.[4]

With the Federal Government funding provided, the upgrades were completed from the Centenary Motorway interchange to the Logan Motorway interchange.

The upgrade from four lanes to six between Wacol and Darra was one of the Australian Labor Party's key 2007 federal election promises.[5] The upgrade included widening the Ipswich Motorway from four to six lanes, transformation of the Centenary Highway Interchange to a free-flowing multi level system interchange and work on adjoining service roads that aims to reduce traffic on the motorway by up to 20%.[1] The Federal government has contributed a total of $3.1 billionn for the upgrade.[4] The Wacol to Darra section of the motorway was officially opened on 18 April 2010.[6]

The eight kilometres upgrade of the Ipswich Motorway between Dinmore and Goodna started in mid-2009. It was completed in 2012 and officially opened on 15 May 2012.[7] The A$1.95 billion project funded by the Australian Government is delivered by the Origin Alliance consisting of the Department of Transport and Main Roads, Abigroup, Seymour Whyte, Fulton Hogan, SMEC and Parsons Brinckerhoff.[8]

The final section to be upgraded is a 7 kilometres (4.3 mi) stretch between Darra and Rocklea with its planning finalised in 2011.[3]

The proposed Goodna Bypass or Northern Bypass of the western section of the M2 was cancelled following the 2007 elections.[5] This 7 kilometres (4.3 mi) section of new Motorway would have taken traffic from the Warrego and Cunningham Highways to the Logan Motorway interchange including four crossings of the Brisbane River.


Ipswich Motorway QLD-M2.png QLD-M7.png
NEbound exits Distance to
Distance to
SWbound exits
End Ipswich Motorway QLD-M7.png
continues as Ipswich Road AQ7.png
to Rocklea / Woolloongabba
-- 29 Start Ipswich Motorway QLD-M7.png
continues from Ipswich Road AQ7.png
Mount Gravatt, Capalaba
Granard Road
-- 28.5 Mount Gravatt, Capalaba
Granard Road
Suscatand Street -- 28 Randolph Street
Oxley, Inala
Oxley Road / Blunder Road
-- 26.5 Inala, Oxley
Blunder Road / Oxley Road
Rudd Street
Richlands, Darra
Harcourt Road
-- 24 Richlands, Darra
Acanthus Street
via Ipswich Service Road
Jindalee, Brisbane
Centenary Motorway Qld M5.png
17 23 Springfield, Gold Coast, Jindalee
Centenary Motorway Qld M5.png Gold Coast Airport
Vehicle Inspection Centre
Arthur Gorrie Remand & Reception Centre 18 22 no exit
no exit 20 20 Inala, Woodridge
Progress Road
Wacol Station Road
Campbell Avenue
Inala, Woodridge
Progress Road
20.5 19.5 no exit
Wacol Station Road
Akenside Street
no exit 21.5 18.5 Vehicle Inspection Centre
continues as QLD-M7.png 22 18 Logan Central, Gold Coast
Logan Motorway QLD-M2.png Brisbane / Gold Coast Airport
Viking Drive
End QLD-M7.png
continues as QLD-M2.png
Logan Central, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast
Logan Motorway QLD-M2.png Brisbane / Gold Coast Airport
22.5 17.5 Redbank Plains, Goodna
Queen Street
via Brisbane Road
(No access from Logan Motorway merge)
Bertha Street
(No access from Logan Motorway merge)
no exit 25 15 Stuart Street
Service Centre 26 14 Chalk Street
no exit 27 13 Collingwood Park, Redbank
Collingwood Drive
Redbank, Collingwood Park
Mine Street
27.5 12.5 Fox Street
Brisbane Road
28 12 no exit
no exit 28.5 11.5 Brisbane Road
Riverview, Moggill
McEwan Street
29 11 Riverview, Moggill
McEwan Street
Start Ipswich Motorway QLD-M2.png
continues from Cunningham Highway AUHWYA15.png
and Warrego Highway QLD-M2.png
30 10 Toowoomba, Charleville, Mount Isa, Melbourne, Darwin
Warrego Highway QLD-M2.png
End Ipswich Motorway QLD-M2.png
continues as Cunningham Highway AUHWYA15.png
to Ipswich / Warwick / Tenterfield / Sydney

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