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Iramba is one of the four districts of the Singida Region of central Tanzania. It is bordered to the Northwest by the Shinyanga Region, to the Northeast by the Manyara Region, to the South by the Singida Rural and Singida Urban Districts and to the West by the Tabora Region.

According to the 2002 Tanzania National Census, the population of the Iramba District was 368,131.[1]


The natives of the Iramba district are called 'Wanyiramba'(pl., singular: 'Mnyiramba'). Their mother tongue is Kinyiramba, though the majority can also speak Swahili.


The Iramba District is administratively divided into 34 wards:


Coordinates: 4°20′S 34°30′E / 4.333°S 34.500°E / -4.333; 34.500