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The Iranian Directorate or Directorate for Iran is a unit of The Pentagon created in 2006 to deal with intelligence on Iran in the context of diplomatic and military tensions between the United States and Iran.[1] Critics compare it with the Office of Special Plans (OSP) which dealt with controversial intelligence reports about Iraq.[1]


The acting director of the Iranian Directorate is not publicly known but has been reported to be military officer Ladan Archin by the Asia Times Online.[2] Some of the other members are: former director of the Office of Special Plans, Abram Shulsky, Project for the New American Century member Reuel Marc Gerecht, and Defense Intelligence Agency analyst, John Trigilio.[1][3]


The Los Angeles Times claimed that the purpose of the Iranian Directorate in the Pentagon is to "undercut the government in Tehran" together with the Office of Iranian Affairs in the State Department.[3]

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