Iranian legislative election, 1980

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Iranian legislative election, 1980
1975 ←
14 March 1980/9 May 1980 → 1984

All 270 seats to the National Consultative Assembly
136 seats were needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
  Beheshti1.jpg Mehdi bazargan-75th Prime Minister of Iran.jpg Rajavi1994.png
Leader Mohammad Beheshti Mehdi Bazargan Massoud Rajavi
Party IRP Freedom Movement PMI
Alliance Conservatives Liberals Marxists
Last election - - -
Seats won 130 110 20

Prime Minister before election

Mehdi Bazargan
Freedom Movement

Elected Prime Minister

Mohammad-Ali Rajai

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Elections to the Majlis of Iran were held on 14 March 1980 and 9 May 1980. A total of 270 representatives were to be chosen. It was the first and only free parliamentary election ever held after the fall of Shah. However severe restrictions were imposed by pro-theocratic forces on next subsequent elections. On 29 May 1980, the first meeting was held. Of 216 members, 137 were clerics.[1]

House of age at first was Yadollah Sahabi and first deputy speaker was Mehdi Bazargan. Accredited and approved the credit in 12 cases because Rahman Dadman, Khosrow Qashqai, Hassan Behroziye, Ahmad Madani and Abul Hossein Ghasemjani selection praesidium took permanent and Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani was Speaker and Deputy Speakers was Akbar Parvaresh, Mohammad Mousavi Khoeiniha, Mohammad Yazdi and Mohammad Khamenei.

A pro-theocratic coalition of Islamic Republican Party, the Freedom Movement and the militant Muslim movement won the election to gain parliament seats.


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e • d Summary of the 14 March and 9 May 1980 Majlis of Iran election results
Orientiation of candidates Votes % Seats % of Seats
Conservatives 130
Liberals 110
Marxists 20
Independents 10
Total (Turnout around 64.64%) 100 270 100
Source: IPU

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