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For the Automobile see Paykan.
For the Iranian football club based in Tehran, see Paykan Tehran F.C.

Career (Iran)
Name: Paykan
Builder: Iran
Laid down: Unknown
Launched: Unknown
In service: September 29, 2003
Status: In service as of 2007
General characteristics
Class and type: Kaman (Sina) class Missile boat
Displacement: 275 tons full load
Length: 47 meters
Beam: 7.1 meters
Draught: 2 meters
Propulsion: 4 diesels, 4 shafts, 14,400 bhp
Speed: 36 knots (67 km/h; 41 mph)
Complement: 31
Armament: (2) or (4) C802 SSM, (1) Fajr-27 76 mm DP (OTO Melara), (1) 40 mm AA

The Iranian missile boat Paykan (Persian: پيکان‎) is an Iranian-made Sina class missile boat. The Sina class is nearly identical to the Kaman class and the Paykan and the Joshan are both often referred to the Kaman class (French FACM Class La Combattante IIa type).

It is Iran's first self-made missile boat and it is equipped with 4 or 2 C802 SSM anti-ship missiles, 1 Fajr-27 76 mm dual purpose gun and 1 40 mm anti aircraft gun.

The Paykan was built in memory of the original Paykan, that sank three Iraqi Navy Osa II boats in 1980 during Operation Morvarid,[1] it also has the same pennant number as the original one.

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