Iranian presidential election, July 1981

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Iranian presidential election, 1981
1980 ←
24 July 1981 → 1981 (Oct)

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Nominee Mohammad-Ali Rajai Abbas Sheibani Ali Akbar Parvaresh
Party IRP Freedom Movement Independent
Popular vote 12,960,619 626,301 401,035
Percentage 91.0% 4.4% 2.8%

President before election

Abolhassan Banisadr

Elected President

Mohammad-Ali Rajai

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The Iranian presidential election of July 1981 took place on 24 July 1981 after the previous Iranian president, Abolhassan Banisadr, was impeached by the Majlis on 21 June and then sacked by the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khomeini, on 22 June. This led to the election of Mohammad Ali Rajai, the previous prime minister, winning 13,001,761 votes out of the 14,573,803 votes cast, which was 89% of the votes. The vote turnout was 65.29%.[1]

Rajai was killed a few weeks later on 30 August 1981, together with his prime minister, Mohammad Javad Bahonar.



Iranian presidential election, July 1981
Party Candidate Votes Percentage
Islamic Republican Party Mohammad-Ali Rajai 12,960,619 91.0%
Freedom Movement Abbas Sheibani 626,301 4.4%
Independent Ali Akbar Parvaresh 401,035 2.8%
Islamic Coalition Party Habibollah Asgar-Owladi 252,349 1.8%
Blank or invalid votes 402,248
Totals 14,642,552 100.00%
Voter turnout 70%
Sources: Ministry of Interior of Iran


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