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Iraq Football Association
الاتحاد العراقي لكرة القدم

Iraq FA (logo).jpg
Sport Football
Beach football
Jurisdiction Iraq
Founded 1948 (1948)
Affiliation FIFA (1950)
AFC (1970)
UAFA (1974)
WAFF (2000)
Headquarters Zayouna
Location Baghdad
President Abdul Khaliq Masood
Official website

The Iraq Football Association (Arabic: الاتحاد العراقي لكرة القدم‎) is the governing body of football in Iraq, controlling the Iraqi national team and the Iraq Super League.[1][2][3][4][5] The Iraqi Football Association was founded in 1948 and has been a member of FIFA since 1950, the Asian Football Confederation since 1970, and the Sub-confederation regional body West Asian Football Federation since 2000. Iraq also is part of the Union of Arab Football Associations and has been a member since 1974. The Iraqi team is commonly known as (Usood Al-Rafidain, Arabic: اسود الرافدين‎) which literally meaning Lions of Mesopotamia.

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