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Irbid National University (INU)
جامعة إربد الأهلية
Irbid National University logo.gif
Established 1994
Type Private
Chairman Izzat Jaradat
President Prof. Mohammed Said Subbarini
Students 6,000
Location Irbid,  Jordan
Campus Urban
1 square kilometre (250 acres)
Colors Orange and White [a]
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Nickname INU
Affiliations IAU, FUIW, UNIMED, AArU
Website Irbid National University

Irbid National University (Arabic: جامعة إربد الاهلية‎, also abbreviated INU) is a university in Jordan. It was established in 1994. Located in the northern town of Irbid, it has a student body of roughly 6,000.

Irbid National University is Jordanian University, located in the north of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, a private university is recognized in recognition locally and globally ... Certified by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Jordan, the Islamic Association of Arab Universities ( AARU ), ( FUW ), the Federation and European universities ( UNIMED ). The President is Prof. Mohammed Said Subbarini.

Scientific Research Deanship[edit]

Universities are based on three basic pillars: teaching, scientific research, and community service. The deanship performs one of these pillars, namely scientific research, through the Scientific Research Committee, whose task is to supervise and support carrying out scientific research and publishing it.

The deanship is also responsible for publishing Irbid Journal for Research and Studies (a-referred journal) in the field of humanities. Articles are published after being approved by specialized referees. The deanship thus plays an important role in raising the level of scientific research among teaching staff through publishing their research papers.

The deanship, moreover, works, in collaboration with other deanships at the university, to hold lectures, seminars and conferences that would develop the research skills of the teaching staff.

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The Academics Appropriations[edit]

  • Irbid National University signed a memorandum of Academic understanding with the University of the Near East in Turkey
  • Irbid National University signed a memorandum of Academic understanding with the Fayoum University in Egypt.
  • Irbid National University signed a memorandum of Academic understanding with the Oman College of Management and Technology in Oman.

Students Deanship[edit]

Department of Student Activities[edit]

This section is the cornerstone of the Deanship of Student Affairs. It operates in accordance with the university philosophy of providing programs and activities that contribute to the development and refinement of the student's personality. It plans, prepares, implements, and follows-up a number of sports, artistic, and cultural activities so that students can practice their hobbies.

Cultural Activities[edit]

  • The cultural activities organized by this department aim at:
  1. Activating cultural movement through the formation of cultural personality that will enable students to interact with various circumstances.
  2. Helping students make their own viewpoints and express them freely.
  1. Translating the outcome of cultural activities at the university to an intellectual, literary, and artistic product that reflects the young spirit in our society.
  2. Organizing programs, and cultural events for the university students in the areas of (poetry, essay writing, short story, oratory, debate, etc. ...) on the individual and collective levels.
  3. Carrying out a variety of exhibits in coordination with other university departments.
  4. Planning and participating in cultural days and seasons, whether at the internal level or at the level of the Jordanian universities.

University Drawing Hall[edit]

The University, and proceeding from its philosophy in developing the students' talents, has established a studio on the university campus to provide a space for the artistic talent and its development. This would support the young intellectual and artistic movement.

The studio works on hosting various exhibitions by artists from all artistic trends. It also provides talented students exercise their hobby. For this purpose, the studio has been supplied with all necessary equipment. It, moreover, gives the students interested the opportunity to participate in internal and external art competitions.

To motivate the studio members, the university holds an annual gathering ceremony in honor of the active, creative participants, in addition to those participating in other extracurricular activities.


  • This includes singing, acting on stage, folk arts, folk songs, and Dabka (a folk collective dance). These activities aim at:
  1. Developing the students' artistic sense, and keeping them in contact with originality.
  2. Working on discovering and refining the students' talents, and directing these talents in the interest of the student and the university at the same time.
  3. Forming teams of collective (choral) singers, individual singers, music players, theater actors, and folklore performers.
  1. Training students to play different musical instruments in the hall of musical activities.

Sports Activities[edit]

  • This department supervises individual and collective sports activities. It seeks to achieve the following objectives:
  1. Holding as many sport activities as possible to include the largest possible number of university students.
  2. Achieving the students' tendencies and desires in the practice of sports activities.
  3. Helping to build a generation of true moral character and behavior.
  4. Forming university teams in different games to participate in university as well as national competitions.
  5. Organizing and supervising internal and external sports events.
  6. Overseeing all sport facilities and developing plans to improve the students' sports potentials to reach an advanced level.
  7. Participating in sport activities organized by the Sports Federation of Jordanian Universities.

University Faculties[edit]

University President: Prof. Mohammed Said Subbarini

The University has six colleges are:

Faculty of Sharia law, which include sections[edit]

  • Department of Law
  • Master of law

Faculty of Business Administration and Finance which include sections[edit]

  • Accounting
  • Finance and banking
  • Business management
  • Tourism management and hospitality
  • Marketing
  • Management information system
  • Accounting information system

Faculty of Arts and the arts, and includes sections[edit]

  • Arabic Language and Literature
  • English Language and Literature
  • Translation
  • Graphic design

Faculty of Science and technology information and includes sections[edit]

  • Computer science
  • Computer information systems
  • Mathematics
  • Master of Mathematics

Faculty of Nursing, which includes sections[edit]

  • Department of Nursing

Faculty of Educational Sciences and includes sections[edit]

  • Classroom teacher
  • Special education
  • Psychological counseling and educational

Faculty of Engineering[edit]

  • Civil Engineering and Constructions

University Facilities[edit]

  • Arab Club for Arab Students was established in order to care of Arab students who study at the university and give them space and opportunity to practice activities, the club also organizes group tours for them to identify archaeological and tourist sites of Jordan and inform them of the attractions and other activities.
  • The GYM was established gym in 2007, and contains a gym and multiple measurements of global and modern, such as football, basketball, volleyball, tennis ... etc., in addition to many rooms to play the internal and ad hoc, such as lounge, bodybuilding, squash, billiards, table tennis, bowling .... etc..
  • Outside Stadiums and was founded in 2000, and includes a football field with a five-global measurements, surrounded by four large halls to accommodate 5000 people, in addition to the basketball court outside Odhu global measurements.
  • Cafeterias dedicated to providing food and drink for the university students, and are subject to periodic supervision by the Ministry of Ackh Jordan, in addition to many stores of consumer goods such as nuts and lines of cell phones and accessories.
  • Musical center Activities is the activity performed in the field of music, singing, Choir Irbid National University, and the Task Jordanian folklore, and the field of theater acting, and stage directions, and in the field of folk arts and folk singing Dabke, the activity aims to:
  1. Develop a sense of beauty Mosaga technical and musical, and theatrical, folk art and taste the originality.
  2. Uncover latent talents of students and refined, and directed in the interest of the student and the university at the same time.
  3. Teams collective singing (choir), and individual singing, playing individual and collective, and theater troupes, and folklore.
  4. Training students to different musical instruments in the hall of musical activity, and other activities.
  • The University Studio Activities it worked out of the university and its philosophy in the development of latent talents of students to find a studio to work on campus to attract all the creative artistic talents, and their development, and improve taste of art, and supplement the young art movement. To be a cultural base, and advanced technical among the students of the university where he works studio to host various exhibitions by artists from all artistic trends as well as for the exercise of the student for his hobby into the studio campus, where provides a studio all the necessary equipment to practice their hobby, and offers studio of participating students an opportunity to friction in the art competitions at the internal and external. And motivated members of the studio to assess the university deanship of the annual ceremony in honor outstanding students, actors and participants to the activities of the ceremony, and other extracurricular activities, and Data.

INU Centers[edit]

  • Center of Development, Accreditation and Quality Assurance
  1. Preparing studies that concern the university in various educational academic aspects.
  2. Considering the nationally followed accreditation standards, and working on benefiting from the global trends in this respect to promote the organizational administrative performance at the university.
  3. Preparing plans and programs aiming at developing the quality of the academic and performance at the university through controlling the inputs and outputs.
  4. Following up the requirement for general and special accreditation at the various faculties and academic departments.
  • Center of Communication, Consultation and Continuing Education The center was established in 2001 . Its main role is to provide expertise, scientific, and technical support to the public and private institutions. The center is considered as the link between the university and the local community. It contributes to the process of comprehensive development through specialized courses designed to raise the efficiency of its participants, and to harness their potential and expertise to build a modern society in various economic, social and technical fields. The center also offers services in many areas of development such as administrative and economic in addition to the field of vocational training and technical support.
  • Computer Center is one of the most important technical offices in the university . It forms the information window to the university by offering numerous services which help in decision making in the faculties, departments and offices of the university.
  • Health Care Center located inside the campus, and aims to provide the service of health insurance for college students.


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