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Ireland squad, 2010 International Rules Series.jpg
Union Gaelic Athletic Association
Ground(s) Croke Park
Coach(es) Paul Earley (2014)
Captain(s) Michael Murphy (2013)
Largest win
Republic of Ireland Ireland 116 - 37 Australia Australia (2013, 2nd Test)
Largest defeat
Republic of Ireland Ireland 31 - 69 Australia Australia (2006, 2nd Test)

The Ireland international rules football team is the representative team for Ireland in international rules football, a compromise between Gaelic football and Australian rules football. The team is made up of Irish players from the Gaelic Athletic Association and Australian Football League.

Prior to 2006, an under-19 and under-17 team had participated in a similar series, while a women's representative team participated in 2006 only. Currently, the Ireland team plays at least one of its home games at Croke Park, with recent alternative venues being Pearse Stadium in Galway in 2006, the Gaelic Grounds in Limerick in 2010 and Breffni Park in Cavan in 2013.

At present the only team Ireland plays is the Australia international rules football team, on an annual basis in the International Rules Series. As of 2013, Ireland have won seven of 12 series, lost six to Australia, won 14 of 24 test matches played and participated in two draws, all since the 1998 Series.


2013 squad[edit]

Manager: Paul Earley

Changes ahead of second Test[1]

2011 squad (Tour to Australia)[edit]

Manager: Anthony Tohill

*Ireland won series 130-65 on aggregate

2010 squad[edit]

Manager: Anthony Tohill

*Ireland lost series 102-92 on aggregate

2008 squad (Tour to Australia)[edit]


Manager: Sean Boylan

*Ireland won series 102-97 on aggregate

2006 squad[edit]

Manager: Sean Boylan

*Ireland lost series 109-79 on aggregate

2005 squad (Tour to Australia)[edit]


2004 squad[edit]


2003 squad (Tour to Australia)[edit]


2002 squad[edit]

[5] [6]

2001 squad (Tour to Australia)[edit]


2000 squad[edit]

*Ireland lost series 123-98 on aggregate

1999 squad (Tour to Australia)[edit]


1998 squad[edit]

*Ireland won series 128-118 on aggregate

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