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For other uses, see Irgenhausen Castrum.
Former municipality of Switzerland
Irgenhausen as seen from Auslikon (April 2010)
Irgenhausen as seen from Auslikon (April 2010)
Irgenhausen is located in Switzerland
Coordinates: 47°21.58′N 8°47.6′E / 47.35967°N 8.7933°E / 47.35967; 8.7933Coordinates: 47°21.58′N 8°47.6′E / 47.35967°N 8.7933°E / 47.35967; 8.7933
Country Switzerland
Canton Zurich
District Pfäffikon
Municipality Pfäffikon
Elevation 556 m (1,824 ft)
 • Total 0
Postal code 8330
Surrounded by Auslikon, Kempten, Wetzikon
Irgenhausen as seen from Seegräben (June 2009)
Irgenhausen Castrum as seen from the northwest

Irgenhausen is a village (Aussenwacht) of the municipality of Pfäffikon in the canton of Zurich in Switzerland.


Irgenhausen is located in the district of Pfäffikon in the Zürcher Oberland on the eastern shore of the Pfäffikersee (Lake Pfäffikon).


Irgenhausen belongs politically to the municipality of Pfäffikon.


In Roman era, along Pfäffikersee there was a Roman road from the vicus Centum Prata (Kempraten) on OberseeLake Zürich via Vitudurum (Oberwinterthur) to Tasgetium (Eschenz) to the Rhine. To secure this important transport route, the Irgenhausen Castrum was built. The native name of the fort is unknown, thus Irgenhausen was mentioned in 811 AD as Camputuna sive Irincheshusa. Maybe the castrum's name was Cambodunum, the name of the neighboring village of Kempten.

Points of interest[edit]

In Irgenhausen is the Roman Irgenhausen Castrum on the Pfäffikersee lakeshore situated.[1]


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