Iril River

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The Iril River is a river that runs through the eastern suburbs of the city of Imphal in the state of Manipur, India.The name Iril derived from two words Ee and Rei/Ree. the Manipuris' word Ee-which means Blood and the word Rei/Ree was poumai's origins which means River,It would be appropriate to called it "River of blood".

It originates from sirong, and flows through Ngamju Village (The people of Ngamju called it Vaeri) a Poumai Naga village situated in the River bank of the Iril river. With the tributories from various streams, it become a river called Iril.The river then run through Sagolmang area and flows through Lamlai, Top, Naharup, Pangong, and Irilbung before it joins with the Imphal River. It is fed with fresh water from the streams, very clear. The water supply plant located in Porompat is fed with its water.

Iril River still has a large population of endangered indigenous fish called ngaton, Meitei sareng. These fish are captured by local fisherman in the months of July and August.