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For the Russian opera singer see Irina Bogacheva

Irina Bogachova (Russian: Ирина Богачева; born May 30, 1961) is a former long-distance runner from Kyrgyzstan, who competed in the women's marathon at three consecutive Summer Olympics: 1996, 2000 and 2004. She ran her personal best in the 2000 edition of the Boston Marathon: 2:26:27.

Bogachova consistently ran fast marathons and she has the most sub 2:35 (35), sub 2:40 (59) and sub 2:50 (70) marathon times by a female runner.[1]

On June 15, 2009, Bogachova was arrested for assault/battery to a law enforcement officer and public intoxication in Gainesville, Florida.[2]


  • All results regarding marathon, unless stated otherwise
Year Competition Venue Position Notes
Representing  Soviet Union
1986 Goodwill Games Moscow, Soviet Union 2nd 2:34:09
European Championships Stuttgart 17th 2:43:30
1987 Athens Classic Marathon Athens, Greece 1st 2:43:37
1989 World Student Games Duisburg 1st 2:35:09
1990 Goodwill Games Seattle, United States 2nd 2:36:25
1991 Italian Marathon Carpi, Emilia-Romagna 1st 2:28:57
Representing Olympic flag.svg Unified Team
1992 San Francisco Marathon San Francisco 1st 2:36:54
Representing  Kyrgyzstan
1995 Grandma's Marathon Duluth, United States 1st 2:34:11
1996 Atlanta Olympic Marathon Atlanta 21st 2:35:44
1997 Belgrade Marathon Belgrade 1st 2:34:57
Grandma's Marathon Duluth, United States 1st 2:38:44
Honolulu Marathon Honolulu 2nd 2:34:01
1998 Belgrade Marathon Belgrade 1st 2:32:07
Honolulu Marathon Honolulu 1st 2:33:27
1999 Honolulu Marathon Honolulu 1st 2:32:36
Los Angeles Marathon Los Angeles, United States 1st 2:30:32
Rock 'n' Roll San Diego Marathon San Diego 1st 2:28:46
Chicago Marathon Chicago 5th 2:27:46
2000 Boston Marathon Boston 2nd 2:26:27
Sydney Olympic Marathon Sydney 14th 2:29:55
Honolulu Marathon Honolulu 6th 2:35:54
2001 London Marathon London, United Kingdom 14th 2:32:28
Milan Marathon Milan 5th 2:35:27
Hong Kong Marathon Hong Kong, PR China 1st 2:33:43
2002 Twin Cities Marathon Minneapolis-St. Paul 1st 2:29:39
Honolulu Marathon Honolulu 5th 2:33:35
2003 Nagoya Marathon Nagoya 3rd 2:28:17
Rock 'n' Roll San Diego Marathon San Diego 1st 2:29:52
2004 Nagoya Marathon Nagoya 14th 2:35:56
Athens Olympic Marathon Athens DNF
Salt Lake City Marathon Salt Lake City 2nd 2:33:02
Rock 'n' Roll San Diego Marathon San Diego 9th 2:57:41
2005 Nagoya Marathon Nagoya 20th 2:37:04
Knoxville Marathon Knoxville 1st 2:41:43
Salt Lake City Marathon Salt Lake City 3rd 2:37:48