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Iris Burton (September 4, 1930 – April 5, 2008) was an American talent agent and dancer, who discovered and represented many famous child actors during her career.

Personal life and early career[edit]

Burton was born as Iris Burstein in Manhattan, New York City in 1930, and made a career as a child dancer, later appearing in several Broadway musicals under the name Iris Burton. In the early 1950s, she moved to Hollywood, appearing as a dancer in several films such as Top Banana (1954) and The Ten Commandments (1956).[1]

Tony Award-winning actor Barry Miller (Saturday Night Fever, Fame) was Burton's son from her brief marriage to actor/director Sidney Miller.[1]

Later career[edit]

Burton was well known for discovering the Phoenix brothers (River Phoenix and Joaquin Phoenix, and their sisters Rain, Liberty and Summer) when she noticed them busking on a Hollywood street corner. Other discoveries included Kirsten Dunst and Henry Thomas, with her clients including Greg Sestero, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Drew Barrymore, Tori Spelling, Fred Savage, Jerry O'Connell, Kirk Cameron, Candace Cameron, Cherie Johnson, Adam Rich, Cady McClain, and Josh Hartnett.[1][2]


Iris Burton died on April 5, 2008, aged 77, from pneumonia and complications of Alzheimer's disease in Woodland Hills, California.[1]


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