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Iris du Pré (née Iris Greep) (June 6, 1914 – September 27, 1985) was a pianist, composer, conductor and educator, best known as the mother of two famous musicians, Hilary, and Jacqueline.

Iris married Derek du Pré, an accountant whom she met by chance when he was traveling in eastern Europe. She was already a professional musician, her own compositions including part of the Ballet de la Jeunesse Anglaise performed in 1941. In 1942 their first daughter, Hilary, was born, and in 1945 they had a second daughter, Jacqueline. Their son, Piers, was born in 1948.

As a music teacher, Iris started the education of her two daughters on the flute and cello, in addition to teaching in the public sector at Apsley Grammar School in Hemel Hempstead during the 1970s. In the film Hilary and Jackie, Iris is played by Celia Imrie.