Irish Jam

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Irish Jam
Irish jam ver2.jpg
Promotional movie poster for the film
Directed by John Eyres
Produced by Donald A. Barton,
Karinne Behr
Written by John Eyres
Max Myers
Starring Eddie Griffin
Release dates March 14, 2006
Language English

Irish Jam is a 2006 comedy film starring Eddie Griffin. The plot centred on an African American who wins an Irish public house in a raffle, and has to save the village from the clutches of an evil landlord. Despite the bulk of the film being set in Ireland it was not filmed there, nor were the actors Irish, but English.

The film was poorly received in the UK. In its review of the DVD release, Empire called it a "worst possible Eddie Murphy knock-off" and questioned why would Ireland still have had an evil aristocratic English landlord in 2006, noting it was filmed in Cornwall because, presumably, any attempts to mount stereotypes this broad, in Ireland, would have seriously offended the people of Ireland.

The worst reviews and popularity of all were in fact in Ireland. Many Irish critics and viewers[who?] disapproved of the movie because it portrayed the Irish people inaccurately as "old, white, unintelligent, with no fashion sense of any kind".[citation needed] The film also presented Ireland as unadvanced in technology and architecture. One critic[who?] said, "Ireland hasn't looked like this in a hundred years, not since the Great Famine."[citation needed]




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