Irish National Teachers' Organisation

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Irish National Teachers' Organisation (INTO)
Native name Cumann Múinteoirí Éireann
Founded 1868
Members 39,057
ROI: 32,215
NI: 6,842[1]
Affiliation ICTU
Key people Sheila Nunan (General Secretary),
Office location Dublin, Ireland
Country Ireland

The Irish National Teachers' Organisation (INTO), (Irish: Cumann Múinteoirí Éireann), which was founded in 1868, is the largest teachers' trade union in Ireland. It represents teachers at primary level in the Republic of Ireland, and at primary and post-primary level in Northern Ireland. The head office is at Parnell Square, Dublin, there is also an office in Belfast. The current INTO President (2015–16) is Emma Dineen; Sheila Nunan is the General Secretary in the Republic and Gerry Murphy is the Northern Secretary.

The objectives of the INTO are:

  • To unite and organise the teachers of Ireland and to provide a means for the expression of their collective opinion on matters affecting the interests of education and of the teaching profession
  • To safeguard and improve the conditions of employment of its members, and to promote their interests
  • To regulate the relations between members and their fellow members, and between members and their employers
  • To afford advice and assistance to individual members on professional matters
  • To promote the interests of education and to support the concept of equal access to full education for all children, and to strive for the raising of educational standards
  • To afford to the authorities responsible for the administration of education the collective advice and experience of the members
  • To cultivate a spirit of fraternal co-operation with kindred organisations in this and other countries, to develop and maintain close links with retired members in Northern Ireland and the Retired Teachers' Association of Ireland (RTAI), and to build on and develop existing links with trade union bodies
  • To establish and administer a Fund or Funds for the purpose of providing assistance to members and their dependents in accordance with the rules
  • To encourage the promotion and development of Comhar Linn INTO Credit Union and other services and facilities of benefit to members
  • To provide, either directly or indirectly, benefits and facilities for members; to procure either solely or with others, a building society or to promote the development of a building society for the purpose of providing mortgage and investment facilities for members
  • To promote the principle of equality in all aspects of education and the teaching profession

General Secretaries[edit]

1913: Eamonn Mansfield
1916: Thomas J. O'Connell
1948: D. J. Kelleher
1966:[2] Seán Brosnahan
1978: Gerry Quigley
1990: Joe O'Toole
2001: John Carr
2009- : Sheila Nunan


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