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The IFA Interim Intermediate League, or IFA Interim League, was a temporary league in Northern Ireland for one season only (2008–09), consisting of those former members of the IFA Intermediate League (dissolved in 2008) who did not meet the criteria for the new IFA Championship. Members of the Interim League had one year to make improvements in order to gain entry to the Championship for 2009-10.

The title was won by Harland & Wolff Welders.[1]

Ten of the twelve members of the league succeeded in gaining entry to the IFA Championship in 2009. The Championship was divided into two divisions: Championship 1 and Championship 2.


IFA Interim Intermediate League Cup[edit]

A knock-out competition for members of the Interim League - the IFA Interim Intermediate League Cup - took place during 2008-09 and was won by Harland & Wolff Welders, who beat Dundela in the final on 9 December 2008.


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