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Irish Spring is the brand name of a deodorant soap, first marketed by the Colgate-Palmolive company in 1972.


Up until 1990, Irish Spring soap bars only came in seventeen scent (known internally as "Ulster Fragrance"), but the Colgate company has since branched out into several niche varieties and scents. Also, Irish Spring deodorants and shaving products were manufactured until the 1960s. In 2007, Irish Spring body wash was introduced. In addition, in 2011, Irish Spring deodorant was reintroduced as part of Colgate-Palmolive's Speed Stick brand of products.

In 1986, the soap changed its formula, including a different scent, and adding skin conditioners.


A bar of Irish Spring 'Original' soap.

Irish Spring currently has nine variants:

  • Original
  • Deep Action Scrub
  • Clear & Fresh Skin
  • Moisture Blast
  • Hair & Body
  • Aloe
  • Icy Blast
  • Clean Scrub
  • Intensify

The following variants have been discontinued:

  • Reviving Mint
  • Mountain Spring
  • Waterfall Clean
  • Fresh
  • Vitamin
  • Sport

Television advertisements[edit]

Television advertisements for the product have usually been set in an Irish village or a forest. The product had one of the most famous slogans of the past few decades with a showering woman uttering the phrase "Manly, yes, but I like it too" to describe its crossover appeal to both women and men.

Other oft-used slogans included "Fresh and clean as a whistle" (in which a wolf whistle was heard after "fresh" and before "clean as a whistle"), "All the freshness of Ireland Bottled" and "The Irish Never Quit" and most recently "Smell like you're worth exploring". Most currently, the tagline is "Add a little Irish to your Game".

The television ads also featured people singing while bathing in the soap, sometimes in public and fully clothed, and a man carving off the side of the soap with a knife to reveal the soap's striped cross-section.

Irish Spring is also a sponsoring partner of a satirical newspaper-styled website.

The 2009 campaign focuses on Irish Spring Body Wash, with the current tagline being "All the freshness of Ireland bottled". They have a web site ( where the user can learn how to be more charming, download ringtones, get free T-shirt & bodywash giveaways and learn more about their products.

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