Irish Workers' Party

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This article is about the Irish Workers' Party founded in 1948. For the party founded in 1926, see Irish Workers' Party (1926). For the current Workers Party, see Workers' Party of Ireland.

Irish Workers' Party was the name used by the communist party in the Republic of Ireland from 1948 until 1962. The Southern section of the party had suspended its activities from 1941 onwards because of police interference in its activities and the difficulties imposed by the emigration of many members to find work in England. Members were encouraged instead to join the Labour Party (though they were subsequently expelled). After the Second World War the party was re-established in the South in 1948 under the name Irish Workers' League. In 1962 the name was changed to Irish Workers’ Party, and in 1970 it merged with the Communist Party of Northern Ireland to reconstitute the all-Ireland Communist Party of Ireland.