Irish constitutional referendums, November 1992

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Three referendums were held simultaneously in Ireland on 25 November 1992, each on a proposed amendment of the Irish constitution. They were enumerated as the twelfth, thirteenth and fourteenth amendments.

The proposed twelfth and thirteenth amendments were held to reverse differing elements of the Supreme Court's decision in the X case in which the Supreme Court held that a risk of suicide by a pregnant mother could constitute a risk to her health which would justify an abortion, and that the courts had to power to grant an injunction preventing a pregnant mother from travelling abroad for an abortion. The fourteenth amendment also related to abortion and was introduced to reverse decision by the courts in the abortion information cases. In these cases — beginning with Attorney-General (Society for the Protection of the Unborn Child) v Open Door Counselling Ltd.[1] — the courts had granted injunctions preventing individuals from distributing contact information for foreign abortion clinics.

The proposed twelfth amendment was rejected by the electorate while both the thirteenth and fourteenth passed.

Twelfth amendment[edit]

The Twelfth Amendment proposed that the possibility of suicide was not a sufficient threat to justify an abortion. The proposal was rejected.

Twelfth Amendment of the Constitution of Ireland Bill, 1992[2]
Choice Votes  %
Referendum failed No 1,079,297 65.35
Yes 572,177 34.65
Valid votes 1,651,474 95.28
Invalid or blank votes 81,835 4.72
Total votes 1,733,309 100
Registered voters/turnout 2,542,841 68.16

Thirteenth amendment[edit]

The Thirteenth Amendment specifies that the prohibition of abortion would not limit freedom of travel from Ireland to other countries where a person might legally obtain an abortion. The proposal was approved.

Thirteenth Amendment of the Constitution of Ireland referendum[2]
Choice Votes  %
Referendum passed Yes 1,035,308 62.39
No 624,059 37.61
Valid votes 1,659,367 95.71
Invalid or blank votes 74,454 4.29
Total votes 1,733,821 100
Registered voters/turnout 2,542,841 68.18

Fourteenth amendment[edit]

The Fourteenth Amendment specifies that Irish citizens have the freedom to pursue and learn about abortion services in other countries. The proposal was approved.

Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution of Ireland referendum[2]
Choice Votes  %
Referendum passed Yes 992,833 59.88
No 665,106 40.12
Valid votes 1,657,939 95.70
Invalid or blank votes 74,494 4.30
Total votes 1,732,433 100
Registered voters/turnout 2,542,841 68.13

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