Iron Man (statue)

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Not to be confused with Iron Man (Buddhist statue).
Iron Man
Artist Jack E. Anderson
Year 1987 (1987)
Type Iron statue
Location Chisholm, Minnesota
Coordinates 47°28′53″N 92°53′46″W / 47.48139°N 92.89618°W / 47.48139; -92.89618Coordinates: 47°28′53″N 92°53′46″W / 47.48139°N 92.89618°W / 47.48139; -92.89618

The Iron Man statue[1] is located at the entrance to the Minnesota Discovery Center 1.28 kilometers outside in Chisholm, Minnesota. It is 81 ft tall (25 m) including the 36-foot-tall figure (11 m), and was completed in 1987 out of iron ore. It is accompanied by a plaque with the The Emergence of Man Through Steel poem and is said to be the world's largest iron man.[citation needed] It was created by Jack E. Anderson of Lake Linden, Michigan, who also created a Bishop Baraga sculpture in L'Anse, Michigan.[2][3]

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