Iron Wall (film)

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The Iron Wall
Directed by Mohammed Alatar
Release dates 2007
Running time 52 min
Language Arabic

The Iron Wall is a 2006 documentary film about the establishment of Israeli settlements in the West Bank, which, the film argues, is a strategy for permanent occupation of the territory.[1] Produced by the Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees and Palestinians for Peace and Democracy, it was the "Official Selection" of the Al-Jazeera Television Production Festival.[2]

The Iron Wall follows the timeline of the settlements[1] and examines their effect on the peace process, featuring interviews with noted peace activists and political analysts, both Israeli and Palestinian, including Jeff Halper, Akiva Eldar and Hind Khoury.[2] The film also covers the controversial construction of the Israeli West Bank barrier.

The Iron Wall features English, Arabic and Hebrew, and has English subtitles.


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