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An iron man is an athlete of unusual physical endurance.[1][2] This durability is generally measured by an athlete's ability to play without missing a game and/or start for an extended period of time.[3][4][5][6][7] Some of the more notable athletes with significant streaks in sports history includes baseball's Cal Ripken, Jr.,[8] American football's Brett Favre,[9] basketball's A. C. Green,[10] ice hockey's Doug Jarvis,[11] and stock car racing's Ricky Rudd.[12]


In 1941, endurance by an athlete was recognized as an "iron man" by the press when Lou Gehrig had a streak of 2,130 consecutive games end when he had asked the manager to take him out of the line up due to his fading abilities. Gehrig had been a consistent performer on the field having attained a batting average of at least .300 throughout his career until the previous season when he had fallen to .295.[13] A common characteristic of an iron man is the ability to play through injury. Gehrig displayed this trait in 1934 when his streak was in jeopardy of being snapped at 1,427 games. He had been injured during a game and was pulled from the lineup. The next day, after receiving heat treatments and massages for a stiff back, he was able to get a hit before leaving the contest.[14][15] Gehrig's record stood for 62 years until surpassed by Cal Ripken Jr. in 1995.[16][17] After Ripken's record-breaking streak garnered attention from the media,[18] the NBA's A.C. Green received attention for his own streak of consecutive games played in 1997 as he was approaching Randy Smith's record.[19] Then in 1999, Brett Favre set the record for consecutive starts by a quarterback when he started his 117th consecutive game surpassing the mark established by Ron Jaworski.[20] In 2009, Favre would surpass Jim Marshall's starts streak at any position with his 271st consecutive start.[21]

Iron man leaderboard[edit]

League Player Streak Yrs Eq Held since Surpassed Streak Active pursuit Streak Notes
MLB Cal Ripken, Jr. 2,632 16.25 1995 Lou Gehrig 2,130 Hunter Pence 335 Games played[22][23][24][25]
MLB Cal Ripken, Jr. 8,264 5.67 1985 George Pinkney 5,152 Several players <1,450 Innings played[26]
NASCAR Ricky Rudd 788 25.00 2002 Terry Labonte 655 Jeff Gordon 725 Races started[12][27]
NBA A. C. Green 1,192 14.54 1997 Randy Smith 906 Omer Asik 233 Games played[10][22][28]
NFL Brett Favre 297 18.56 1999 Ron Jaworski 116 Eli Manning 151 Starts at the quarterback position[20][22]
NFL Brett Favre 297 18.56 2009 Jim Marshall 270 Eli Manning 151 Starts at any position[21][22]
NFL Jeff Feagles 352 22.00 2005 Jim Marshall 282 Shane Lechler 190 Games played[22][29][30]
NHL Doug Jarvis 964 11.76 1986 Garry Unger 914 Jay Bouwmeester 717 Games played[22][31]

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