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The Ironman Germany, with running and finish in central Frankfurt am Main, Germany, is a triathlon race in the Ironman series and is held annually in July. In 2010 it was the European Championship in Ironman triathlon.


The first part of the race, the 3.86 km swim event, takes place in the lake Langener Waldsee about 15 km south of Frankfurt.

The subsequent 180 km bike course first goes to central Frankfurt, then through two laps through Frankfurt and the surrounding region Wetterau. Northernmost point of the route is in Bad Nauheim.

The final marathon running goes four laps on a course on both sides on the River Main in Frankfurt. The finish is at the Römerberg square in the historic center of Frankfurt.

In 2010 the maximum time was reduced from 16 to 15 hours, in spite of an 5 km extended cycling course.

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